6 signs to recognise toxic leaders and what companies can do about it

2 April 2022
by Dragan Donkov

Our relationship with work is very similar to the one we have with our friends and loved ones. There is ...

5 tips for effective 1:1 meetings

27 March 2022
by Karl Grech

According to a recent survey, employees who are satisfied with frequent communication from their manager feel that their opinion matters, ...

Mastering the art of delegation

26 March 2022
by Joanne Bondin

For many leaders, delegating is something they know they should do, but don’t do. And when leaders do not delegate, ...

Present and future leaders need to find the courage to lead

20 March 2022
by Nathan Farrugia

These are interesting times for us as leaders, and a true test of our values and virtues, with a world ...

Acknowledging death will make you happier – Here’s why

19 March 2022
by Nicky Gouder

Acknowledging that we are going to die helps us to make sure that we spend the little time we have ...

Do you mean what you say? How to sound assertive when you speak

16 March 2022
by Michelle Fenech Seguna

Do your words land forcefully enough? Or are your messages being dismissed?

Why productivity is essentially an emotional competence

13 March 2022
by Jes Camilleri

By using your emotional competence to influence your motivation, you’re likely to find yourself in a much more productive state.

Internal coaching: 5 ways to make it flourish

12 March 2022
by Tim Mart

Although your organisation may be aware of the need for a coaching service, how to deliver that effectively may still ...

Analysing more waste in your business: Creating more than is needed, out of sync from demand

10 March 2022
by Joseph Micallef

The next roadblock to be discussed through this series is the waste generated when we make more than is needed, ...

Ask yourself these four questions to see if you are doing enough about employee well-being

6 March 2022
by Dragan Donkov

Taking care of your employees’ well-being is more than having an Employee Assistance Programme in place!

Six critical behaviours to be an engaging leader in 2022

4 March 2022
by Karl Grech

No matter what our calling is in life, our success depends on our interactions with others. Even in this pandemic, ...

Hierarchical or egalitarian leadership: Where do you stand?

27 February 2022
by Viviana Premazzi

The definition of a good leader can be different within different cultures. Is the good leader a boss or a ...

How to be an inclusive leader

22 February 2022
by Nazlee Mayhew

An inclusive culture in the workplace enables employees to engage, connect and communicate at a higher level as they feel ...

New year motivations – How to keep your team motivated well into the new year

19 February 2022
by Joanne Bondin

These are some of the things I do to lead and motivate my teams.

4 habits which have helped me become more productive

17 February 2022
by Nicky Gouder

We sometimes overlook how small, consistent habits can change our lives and, as a result, we don’t bother with them.

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