Etienne Sciberras to usher ‘company into a digital era’ as MAPFRE MSV Life’s new CEO

1 May 2021
by Martina Said

In this exclusive interview, he shares his immediate and long-term plans for the company.

‘It often takes great boldness to make our voices heard’ – Deborah Schembri

24 April 2021
by Martina Said

Deborah Schembri sheds light on the challenges women leaders face and the opportunities to reap.

‘We deserve a better social media that unites and bonds people’ – Storylation CEO

21 April 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Jean-Luc Nguyen is the founder of Storylation, a new mobile app developed in Malta, which aims to revolutionise the social ...

‘The world’s the market, so why not go get it?’ – Alain Mangion

19 April 2021
by Rebecca Anastasi

The CEO of corporate finance and consultancy firm, Credinvest International, has made it his mission to help his clients internationalise ...

‘A great mentor can help female entrepreneurs seek top positions’ – Helga Ellul

17 April 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

One of Malta's foremost business leaders and former CEO of Playmobil Malta addresses gender equality at the workplace and the ...

MAPFRE Middlesea CEO eager for ‘new professional challenge’ as he begins role in Malta

14 April 2021
by Martina Said

Javier Moreno Gonzalez has been part of MAPFRE Group for 21 years.

6 great distractions that entertained CEOs during Malta’s semi-lockdown

11 April 2021
by Martina Said

Some found comfort in the ordinary pace of life, others sought a little adventure.

Lack of burden sharing is ‘crux’ of unequal opportunities for women, says Catherine Calleja

1 April 2021
by Martina Said

The Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency says everyone makes assumptions about leadership and gender.

‘As CEO, it is my responsibility to see that the MDIA’s objectives are met’ – Stephen McCarthy

23 March 2021
by Martina Said

Since its inception in 2018, Stephen McCarthy has been leading the Malta Digital Innovation Authority through major technological changes.

‘CEO’ should also stand for ‘Creating Equal Opportunity’ – Adriana Camilleri Vassallo

19 March 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The CEO at FJVA understands the challenges faced by women in creating a balance between family and a professional career, ...

‘Reaching top positions needs a lot of hard work and dedication’ – Suzanne Brincat Dowdall

9 March 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Showing initiative, sharing ideas for improvement and being honest helped her climb the ladder, says the AML Managing Director.

‘We must stop thinking in terms of males having a greater advantage’ – Ann Fenech

8 March 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The former Managing Partner at Fenech and Fenech believes that anything is possible for those willing to work hard with ...

Gender equality must be achieved in our culture before it can happen at work, says GSD CEO

5 March 2021
by Martina Said

Maria Micallef shares her views on gender bias and quotas in Malta.

Maria Cauchi Delia – ‘I have always had the ambition to be a catalyst for change’

4 March 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

The Malta Institute of Accountants CEO considers overcoming obstacles an intrinsic part of the journey towards leadership, noting that women ...

Alexia Frendo – ‘Women tend to feel guilty about not fulfilling society’s expectations’

2 March 2021
by Sarah Muscat Azzopardi

Kindred Group’s Lead HR Business Partner shares her views on overcoming the obstacles women face to reach top positions at ...

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