Mind the Gap

Business Leaders Malta’s conference, named “Mind the Gap: Connecting Generation XYZ” and hosted in collaboration with Malta Daily at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on 15th March, will embark on a compelling journey to better understand the generational spectrum this year with an inspiring line-up of international and local speakers.

“The inspiration behind this year’s conference theme stems from a recognition of the accelerating pace of change in our world, a change that has widened the generational divide more than ever. From technology to social norms, the differences in experiences and expectations across generations can lead to misunderstanding, conflict and lost opportunities. Yet, within this challenge lies the potential for unparalleled collaboration and growth. It is with this vision that we curated a line-up of speakers whose exceptional insights and stories promise to enlighten, inspire and provoke thought,” stated Morgan Parnis, CEO of Business Leaders Malta.

Now in its eleventh year and ever-growing in popularity and attendance, the Business Leaders conference this year hosts internationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, master storyteller, author and coach David JP Phillips, Generation Z visionary, entrepreneur, social activist and Thred Media CEO Jenk Oz, record open water swimmer, ocean activist and inspirational mentor Neil Agius, and architectural virtuoso and Metaverse Architects CEO Michael Cutajar.  

Known for his inspirational TEDx talks and life-altering WOW Life Mastery training programme and High on Life book, Mr Phillips, a luminary in the art of communication, travels the world to evangelise storytelling, weaving the very fabrics of it into the heart of public speaking and self-leadership to help people become more effective communicators in every context. His training company has led to the creation of world-class educational materials endorsed by global giants like Google and Microsoft, and his talks have become a beacon of hope and transformation worldwide.

At the vanguard of Generation Z, Thred Media founder and CEO Mr Oz stands as a paragon of social entrepreneurship and youthful dynamism, using his enterprise to breathe new life into the discourse on youth culture, leveraging the power of media for social transformation. Mr Jenk’s eloquence has graced the stage of over eighty-five international conferences, including the distinguished Model United Nations and the Oxford Global Summit for Young Leaders. His TEDx talks, Ideas Ink., Breaking the Pattern, and Can a “Like” Change the World?, have resonated profoundly, addressing the pivotal role of Generation Z in shaping a sustainable future.

Former Olympian, Maltese swimmer and world-record holder Mr Agius took the plunge into the world of ultra-distance open water swimming in 2018 and has been pushing the boundaries of what is physically and mentally conceivable since. Neil undertook his most colossal challenge in 2021, a world record-breaking 125-kilometre open water swim from Linosa to Malta, a monumental 52-hour battle against waves, chills and hidden dangers. He has also been nurturing dreams through his swimming academy since 2007 and inspiring change with his Wave of Change movement.

One of Malta’s foremost metaverse visionaries, Mr Cutajar, is a leading force in the metaverse universe and a mastermind behind crafting virtual worlds where technology and human creativity collide. He is a pivotal figure at Metaverse Architects, one of the premier metaverse studios globally. Mr Cutajar has been instrumental in propelling high-profile ventures into the metaverse, collaborating with luminaries like Forever 21, Sygnum Bank and the iconic Snoop Dogg.

Attendees will also enjoy an insightful panel discussion featuring local personality, radio host and influencer Valentina Rossi, Malta Daily CEO Gabriel Mifsud, Mr Oz and Mdina Partners CEO Katrina Grech, as well as a heartfelt one-on-one interview with Mr Agius, facilitated by clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Edward Curmi.

“These thought leaders, innovators, and changemakers will guide us through the complexities of generational divides, offering actionable insights and strategies to build bridges and create environments where every generation can thrive,” explained Mr Parnis.

“In our commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding across generations, we are thrilled to have opened our doors wider this year, welcoming new profiles of attendees, including business students. This inclusion aims to enrich our discussions with fresh perspectives and ensure that our conference’s representation mirrors the diversity of the generations that make up our society and workplaces,” remarked Mr Parnis.

This year’s conference will welcome around 600 delegates, including chief executives, owners, entrepreneurs, business professionals and students. The conference will be followed by a networking lunch.

“Since its inception, the Business Leaders Conference has established itself as a pioneering, high-quality event challenging the traditional norms of business gatherings. Our goal has been clear from the start: to empower business leaders, entrepreneurs, and management professionals through engaging experiences in a fun, teambuilding environment that leaves attendees feeling inspired, rejuvenated and empowered,” concluded Josef Gafa, Director and CEO at Jugs Malta and Co-Founder of the Business Leaders Conference.

For individual and group booking enquiries and more information about “Mind the Gap: Connecting Generation XYZ”, click here or call +356 22470700.


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