Welbee’s CEO Jonathan Shaw names ‘inflation’ as one of 2022’s biggest challenges

25 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

The supermarket is set to open a brand-new outlet at Campus Hub just next month.

‘Lack of effort to curb xenophobia’ in light of staffing shortages is ‘very dangerous’ – Joanna Delia

24 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

Dr Delia dubs 2022 as “the year of recovery.”

‘Surround yourself with people who want to dream with you’ – Viviana Premazzi

21 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

The Global Mindset Development Founder shares some of her hopes and concerns as we delve into the final quarter of ...

‘I have so many projects in the pipeline, anything can happen in 2023’ – Anna Horvath

18 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

Ms Horvath is the Founder of SORĠI, an ongoing research project about opportunities for circularity in Malta.

‘2022 has been challenging yet rewarding’ – AX Group CEO Michael Warrington

17 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

Mr Warrington expects 2023 to be ‘a year of significant growth despite the uncertainties in the economic climate’.

Martza Tech CEO Arantza Castro expects 2023 to be ‘exciting and full of opportunities’

8 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

Ms Castro believes that the best way entrepreneurs can grow is by being aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

‘We need to empower our teams to think long-term too,’ Lawrence Zammit advises leaders

3 September 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

As we approach the fourth quarter of yet another turbulent year, we picked MISCO Director Lawrence Zammit’s brain on what ...

Malta’s ‘declining environmental quality’ is one of Nathan Farrugia’s biggest concerns for 2023

28 August 2022
by Bernice Camilleri

Here are some insights from the Vistage Malta and UAE Managing Director in the light of the current economic situation ...

Claire Abela and James Calleja are intent on making the most of Maltese summer

7 August 2022
by Benjamin Abela

James Calleja would never imagine going to Sicily without a car.

Pio Vassallo and Mark Camilleri Gambin’s dream summers couldn’t be more different

6 August 2022
by Benjamin Abela

What’s your favourite way to spend summer in Malta?

For digital nomad Emma Calleja, summer breaks are all about returning to your roots

23 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

For Emma, a holiday is no longer synonymous with sightseeing, flights, and foreign cultures…

Malta’s hot summer months re-awaken CEO Robert Cassar’s love for the arts

17 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

'I love being out with my wife and two sons enjoying live music, concerts, and other cultural activities in the ...

Delicious food, crisp wine, and great company: Robyn Pratt’s ingredients for the perfect summer

16 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

Here’s what The Phoenicia Malta General Manager will be getting up to in the coming months.

‘I’d take rain and gloom over 39-degree heat any day’ – Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana

9 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

Jo weaves her love for the arts and good food into her annual summer adventures.

Claire Zammit Xuereb’s dream summer getaway is ‘somewhere nobody can see her’

2 July 2022
by Benjamin Abela

As much as she loves a peaceful holiday, Claire will always look to satisfy her thirst for adventure.

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