Harnessing the potential of the new European Crowdfunding regulations

30 July 2021
by Matthew Caruana

In November 2021, the new European Crowdfunding regulations will kick in, but what does this mean for the industry? How ...

This activity can help hack your distractions and regain focus

29 July 2021
by Karl Grech

When my clients realise that they can regain control and manage distractions, they reclaim power, confidence and a sense of ...

‘As a leader, you need to change your mindset to that of serving your team’ – George Tabone

28 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

How we determine success can often change throughout our career, and as we grow in stature within our organisations.

Doing this one thing will help contribute to your business success – Luana Attard

28 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

The business strategist shares some valuable advice on how to avoid getting overwhelmed by your to-do list.

This summer, here’s why it’s important for business leaders to take a break

27 July 2021
by Nadia Pace

Whilst some of us feel guilty or obliged to keep working, breaks are just as important as the next strategy ...

World Pro Racing CEO shares powerful message on success, as new Sim Racing facility is launched

21 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

Yesterday saw the inauguration of the new World Pro Racing, Development and Entertainment Centre at Montekristo Estate.

Why business leaders should be ‘catching people doing something right’

20 July 2021
by Jes Camilleri

The famous quote is attributed to Ken Blanchard, yet there is more to praising your team than a pat on ...

‘Women who are in the driving seat have not made it there coincidentally’ – Joanne Bondin

17 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

The President of the Malta Employers’ Association wants to see organisations become more flexible and accommodating towards their employees, moving ...

‘You can’t do it all at one go’ – 3 important lessons from Ponder & Pitch Founder

16 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

Yanis Azzopardi has shared some lessons he’s learned on the ‘incredibly exciting’ journey since launching his boutique marketing agency.

‘Women are gradually climbing up the corporate ladder and securing higher positions’ – Marisa Xuereb

15 July 2021
by Sarah Micallef

As one of the inspirational women at the helm of Malta's major business bodies, the President of The Malta Chamber ...

Why quality literacy is essential to support business recovery efforts

14 July 2021
by Enda Larkin

Quality is one of the most overused and misunderstood management terms. Many speak of it, but few really grasp its ...

VISTAGE (Malta) organises mindful golfing team building activity for CEOs

13 July 2021
by MaltaCEOs

‘It’s an excellent tool to practice mindful attention and avoid multitasking. It was a wakeup call to recognise how distracted ...

The future of work should not be the past

11 July 2021
by Richard Muscat Azzopardi

We should be looking ahead to a future that is much better than the past we had.

Why you should put your people first for a successful digital transformation

10 July 2021
by Joseph Micallef

People make up our business. They are the priority. It is they who instigate the myriad processes, with technology tools ...

Practicing mindfulness at work – how being present can make you a more effective leader

4 July 2021
by Martina Said

In these stressful times, being aware of your thoughts and reactions can have real benefits.

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