Mazars in Malta

Mazars in Malta Managing Partner Anthony Attard earlier this month welcomed guests to the firm’s new offices at The Watercourse, a prestigious building designed and constructed to the latest architectural and environmental standards, within the Central Business District in Birkirkara, Malta’s premier financial hub.

He remarked that the move to these state-of-the-art premises “dovetails with Mazars’ vision of engendering a positive and collaborative work-environment, while at the same time reflecting the firm’s ethos of transparency and professionalism.”

Mazars in Malta
Mazars in Malta Managing Partner Anthony Attard speaking during the event

Also in attendance was Finance and Employment Minister Clyde Caruana, who inaugurated the new offices in in the presence of H.E. The Ambassador of France, Agnès von der Mühll.

The event coincided with the firm’s celebration of its 25th anniversary in Malta.

Mazars is a Paris-based global international audit, tax and advisory firm, and, as part of the anniversary celebrations, Managing Partner Mr Attard announced the launch of a CSR scheme which will fund selected youth-based initiatives proposed by NGOs and student organisations, to the tune of €25,000.

Mazars in Malta

This scheme, which will span over three years, “will mark Mazars’ established presence in Malta, further linking the firm to the local community, and its future with that of Malta’s youths.” Interested applicants can apply via the online form here.

Mr Attard explained that while such an event is always a special milestone for any organisation, “we see celebrating our quarter-century of operations as an opportunity to bridge the values and strengths which have defined our success, with the firm’s fundamental purpose and vision – that of continuing to create value together with our stakeholders, and investing in what matters the most for our people, our clients and the local community. Hence the theme we have selected for these celebrations: ‘Growing with purpose together’”.

Mazars in Malta
Finance and Employment Minister Clyde Caruana (right) speaking during the event

In his speech, Minister Caruana praised the modern open-space layout which characterises Mazars’ new offices, adding that this reflects the forward-looking nature of the financial services sector. He also praised Mazars in Malta’s CSR scheme, auguring that youth and student organisations would come forward with proposals for initiatives for a better future for Malta’s youth. Minister Caruana also referred to the recently launched Strategy for the Financial Services sector, emphasising the contribution of the added-value generated by the sector towards the Maltese economy.

For more information about Mazars in Malta, click here.


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