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JUGS Malta Ltd Director Gianni Zammit on Wednesday stressed that in the business world, becoming successful is difficult, but prolonging it tends to be even harder.

Mr Zammit has taken a number of plunges across a variety of industries throughout his career, ranging from teambuilding and events planning at JUGS Malta, market and media research at Business Leaders Malta, all the way to childcare at YoYo Kids and entertainment at Vibe FM, all companies which he is a Director and Shareholder of.

He took the first step into entrepreneurship around three decades ago, and along the way he often got asked how he has managed to “keep things afloat for so long”.

“Reaching success is hard work, but sustaining it is even harder,” Mr Zammit explained.

He proceeded to list three key lessons he learnt over the course of his career, particularly when it comes to achieving continued success.

Firstly, he pointed out that it is important to leverage one’s strengths and specialise in a particular area. “Improve your chances of success by doing something you’re good at,” Mr Zammit said.

He added that it is vital for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a name for themselves that reflects their beliefs. By operating “authentically”, Mr Zammit said that they ultimately “can’t go wrong”.

Lastly, he remarked that they need to “genuinely listen” to their clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. “Listen to your clients, keep communication two-way, and support them through the challenges along the way,” Mr Zammit concluded.

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JUGS Malta Ltd Director and Shareholder Gianni Zammit / LinkedIn


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