Ta’ Betta Wine Estates has announced that two vintages placed on the market this year received “outstanding” ratings from Falstaff, a renowned authority in wine publications.

The 2022 Isabella Guasconi Rosé Superior Malta DOK and the 2020 Jean Parisot Chardonnay Superior Malta DOK received ratings of 91 and 93, respectively, adding to Ta’ Betta’s track record of success with previous vintages, such as the Philippe Villiers 2018 and the Antonio Manoel 2018 which achieving impressive ratings of 95 and 94 points, respectively.

The Isabella Guasconi 2022 was described by tasters Othmar Kiem and Simon Staffler as “characterised by its intense, shimmering cherry pink hue that captivates the eye, while the nose unravels a captivating journey from smoky paprika to fresh cranberries, raspberries, and subtle incense. Its juicy palate, enriched with red pepper nuances, harmoniously balances animated, salty phenolics, making it an ideal companion for Mediterranean dishes.”

The same tasters said that the Jean Parisot 2020 is “distinguished by its bright, shimmering straw yellow tone. This Chardonnay captivates with a bouquet featuring enticing aromas of banana, fresh pineapple, sea salt, flint, white peach, and mango. Its elegance on the palate, coupled with clear fruitiness and a hint of savory elements, culminates in a minimally warming, enduring finish.”

Owned by former University of Malta Rector Juanito Camilleri and his wife Astrid Camilleri, a gynaecologist, Ta’ Betta Wine Estates is situated on four hectares of terraced land in Girgenti. It produces around 25,000 bottles every year, distributed in the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Macau.

The winery most recently added City and More – Individuelle LebensArt, based in Baden-Baden, Germany, to its distribution network.

Prof. Camilleri and Dr Camilleri expressed their delight at the ongoing international recognition, remarking, “We are delighted that our wines continue to receive consistently strong reviews internationally and that this is resulting in steady growth in our export market.”

Ta’ Betta Wine Estates said it “remains dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that captivate palates globally”, with the recent acclaim from Falstaff reaffirming its commitment to quality and innovation.

Falstaff boasts an extensive audience and community, with authoritative annual wine guides reflecting and representing the wine industries of various countries. As the biggest wine, food, and travel media platform in German-speaking Europe, Falstaff’s influence spans publications and websites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, reaching millions since its establishment in 1980.

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