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Capital Advisory Limited Director Etienne Borg Cardona on Wednesday shared that he has successfully completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Leadership and Management after a six-year journey.

He completed the degree at Cranfield University, a postgraduate-only university located in the UK.

Dr Borg Cardona notes that his doctoral thesis explored the attraction of executive talent to SMEs, “gaining valuable insights which can assist SMEs in navigating one of the most serious issues they face today – attracting executive talent and assembling an effective management team”.

Etienne Borg Cardona / LinkedIn
Emma Parry (left) and Etienne Borg Cardona (right) / LinkedIn

He proceeded to thank all the advisors, mentors and colleagues who supported him throughout his academic journey, particularly Emma Parry, the Professor whose constant guidance turned him into a “better academic and person”, pushing him to “question everything and embrace the importance of deep reflection, critical thinking, perseverance, resilience and patience”.

Additionally, he expressed gratitude to Surge Advisory Founding Partner and Director Joseph F.X. Zahra, who steered him to Cranfield University’s Cranfield School of Management in the first place.

Dr Borg Cardona added that he is thankful for his own family for their “patience and constant support”, particularly his wife for “encouraging and putting up” with his “endless projects”. He also expressed gratitude to their children Karen Borg Cardona, Ian Borg Cardona and Sarah Borg Cardona, describing them as “the dream team”. “A special shoutout to Karen Borg Cardona, who beat me to her PhD, and who continuously reviewed, critiqued, and proofread my work,” he said.

Etienne Borg Cardona / LinkedIn
Etienne Borg Cardona (middle) together with his family / LinkedIn

“I hope the insights that emerged from my research will shine a light and assist SMEs in their quest to recruit the best and brightest,” he said, before notifying anyone interested in learning more about his research to contact him.

“Finally, I take this opportunity to address any prospective PhDs out there. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if the academic bug has bitten, go for it. It is a life changer,” he concluded.

Dr Borg Cardona is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in banking, accountancy and auditing by occupying various leadership positions within the private sector. He set up Capital Advisory Limited in 2017 to act as an independent consulting firm advising on corporate finance, financial management and corporate governance. Additionally, he is also an independent Non-Executive Director on a number of Boards of Directors of various firms.

Aside from his most recent qualification, he also holds a Master of Arts in Financial Services, Finance and Financial Management Services from University of Malta. Dr Borg Cardona is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and the Malta Institute of Accountants, as well as a Council Member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and a Member of the Institute of Directors UK.

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Capital Advisory Limited Director Etienne Borg Cardona / LinkedIn


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