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Human Resources (HR) Consultant and Life Coach Olivia Bilocca on Wednesday shed a light on the need for individuals to embrace self-reflection and thus be more aware of what they need to work on and improve.

Given the hectic nature of life in business, it is integral for people to take the time to stop and reflect on their thoughts and actions, ensuring they make suitable choices that benefit them and others.

Ms Bilocca explored this through a number of key tips aimed at encouraging people to reflect and assess the best way forward.

She remarked that it is “crucial” for people to be still and reflect, as pausing and disconnecting from distractions can enable them to “gain clarity, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for personal growth”.

This can also be done by starting a journal to record thoughts, feelings and experiences on a regular basis. “Documenting your journey allows you to track progress, understand your emotions, and recognise areas that need improvement,” she added.

Additionally, meaningful questions need to be asked, such as questioning what one’s core values are and what triggers certain emotions. In this way, “hidden insights about ourselves” can be uncovered, thus allowing for further growth.

Ms Bilocca also acknowledged that there needs to be a time completely allocated to self-reflection in one’s schedule, as doing so consistently helps foster self-awareness and promotes a deeper understanding of oneself.

Lastly, she also pointed towards the idea of seeking feedback from others to better understand the key areas of improvement that might not immediately be visible to oneself. “Embrace feedback with an open mind, using it as a catalyst for positive change,” she said.

“Embracing self-reflection leads to heightened self-awareness, empowering you to make conscious choices and achieve personal goals with clarity,” Ms Bilocca explained.

“By understanding your strengths and areas for improvement, self-reflection paves the way for continuous growth, a more fulfilling life, and healthier relationships,” she concluded.

Ms Bilocca is a seasoned HR professional with a solid background working in various industries. She is an HR Consultant, Personal Life Coach, Business Trainer, and Tutor on a self-employed basis, as well as Head of HR at GPC Ltd. She holds a Master of Science in Psychology of Work from University of Leicester and Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Psychotherapy from the Institute of Family Therapy & Systemic Practice.

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