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Every employer wants to create an environment that has motivated, happy, and loyal workers.

However, given today’s very tight labour market, staff poaching is a reality many employers have to live with, and many often cite that they have an “employee loyalty” problem.

Nevertheless, on various occasions, employee loyalty is highly dependent on the employer’s treatment of employees. Should an employer not be showing their workers enough respect and recognition, then it is no wonder as to why many end up looking elsewhere.

This was an issue that Cynthia Lapira, Human Resources (HR) Consultant at Pursue Consultancy brought up on Friday, saying that loyalty should be “reciprocated”.

Cynthia Lapira / LinkedIn
Pursue Consultancy HR Consultant Cynthia Lapira / LinkedIn

Referring to past career experiences, she said that she “always felt the lack” of loyalty from employers, which “translated into several talks with top management”.

Ms Lapira questioned: “My point is about the fact that employers expect loyalty from their employees, but how is it reciprocated from the employer’s side?”

At the heart of it, employees are always looking for a culture which fosters “fairness” across all levels.

She remarked that when broken down, this culture is one that is characterised by “open communication” and being provided guidance towards “growth opportunities”.

This also includes receiving recognition for achievements, as well as showcasing “genuine care for the wellbeing of the team”, Ms Lapira continued.

“Let’s build workplaces where loyalty is a shared value, creating an environment where both professional and personal growth thrive,” she concluded.

Ms Lapira has worked at Pursue Consultancy for two months, having gained various years of experience leading HR departments at different companies. She made the switch to consultancy as she wanted to use her knowledge to “add value to different companies” and to explore “better use of HR”. She aims to “bridge the gap” between business objectives and HR strategies.


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