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Malta Enterprise (ME) CEO Kurt Farrugia on Saturday shared that the Med-Tech World Summit roadshow in Istanbul, Turkey proved to be an “inspiring” experience in ME’s journey to support innovation.

Held last Tuesday, the event was part of Med-Tech World’s mission to unite global digital health and the medtech industry, bringing together a number of “brilliant minds, innovative start-ups, and industry pioneers” from across the world. It aims to create an “unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and growth”. This year’s flagship Med-Tech World event will be held in Malta on 19th and 20th October.

A team from ME attended the event in Istanbul to get more familiar with the Turkish ecosystem in the medtech space, also taking the opportunity to showcase Malta’s “thriving medtech sector” and explain how ME can support companies to enter the European market and scale up with its support.

Med-Tech World / ME / LinkedIn
The Med-Tech World Summit roadshow / Malta Enterprise / LinkedIn

“As part of our efforts to continue nurturing innovation, our focus was prominently set on the dynamic and vibrant field of medtech, a sector that is flourishing in Malta,” Mr Farrugia said.

He explained that Turkey’s technological landscape provided an “excellent background to delve deeper into their thriving ecosystem”, allowing ME’s team to acquaint themselves with their “innovative achievements and aspirations” in the sector.

“The engagement and spirit of progress we witnessed were nothing short of inspiring,” he added.

“We took this unique opportunity to shed light on Malta’s growing medtech industry. Showcasing our robust infrastructure, forward-thinking regulatory framework, and proactive initiatives, we articulated how Malta can serve as a steppingstone for companies seeking to penetrate and scale within the European market,” Mr Farrugia continued.

He concluded by saying that while ME will continue to “pave the path for emerging technologies”, it also remains “excited about the future”.

ME is Malta’s economic development agency, tasked with attracting new foreign direct investment and facilitating the growth of existing operations.

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Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia at the Med-Tech World Summit roadshow / Malta Enterprise / LinkedIn

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