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Glitnor Group Non-Executive Director David Flynn on Friday completed a cycling journey from Stockholm, Sweden to Valletta, Malta in aid of three mental health charities.

The journey, which came in at a total distance of 4,153 kilometres and 35 kilometres of height climbed, was finished in 33 days. The distance is equivalent to three trips from the UK’s Land’s End to John o’ Groats, or a journey from Jacksonville, Florida, to Los Angeles, California, in the US. In terms of height, it was equal to climbing Mount Everest four times.

David Flynn / LinkedIn
Glitnor Group NED David Flynn as he was cycling in Rome, Italy / Etienne Azzopardi / LinkedIn

“One puncture, one new wheel, one replacement bike, and two tired legs,” Mr Flynn said.

He set out on the journey in a bid to raise money for three mental health charities, namely Malta’s The Richmond Foundation, Sweden’s Mind.se, and the UK’s Mind.org.uk, all from countries which he “calls home”.

At the time of writing, his journey has brought in a total of £24,849 (€28,665) for charities, and Mr Flynn noted that thanks to people sharing his trip and the cause altogether, “the message of removing the stigma around mental health has been seen and shared by tens of thousands of people”.

Last month, when he was midway through his journey, he had said that by supporting these charities along the way, he is provided with a “huge sense of purpose”. “To do good, at my cost and my family’s cost, who have supported me through this and continue to do so, I’m lucky,” he had emphasised.

Mr Flynn highlighted that there are two to three suicides in Malta each month, 45 per cent of Sweden’s population has suffered from some kind of mental illness, and one in four people in the UK are impacted by mental health issues.

David Flynn / GoFundMe
Glitnor Group NED David Flynn upon arrival at Valletta, Malta / GoFundMe

“I simply want to thank my business network for supporting this cause, for the support you’ve provided in messages, funds, and to my family for supporting me during the training and actual ride,” he added.

Mr Flynn is a senior executive with over 20 years of management experience in iGaming. He has served as Non-Executive Director at Glitnor Group for the past eight months, having previously been the iGaming firm’s CEO for three years, up until he vacated the role at the start of 2023. He is also Investor and Board Advisor Pay4Fun and Investor at Memory Lane Games.

The GoFundMe link is still open, and donations can be made through the link here.

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Glitnor Group NED David Flynn / GoFundMe


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