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Management is a core part of any business, with it requiring planning, organising, coordinating, and directing a group of people in the quest to accomplish a set of targets and goals.

However, it is integral for a manager to have a good relationship with the workforce, as the benefits of management can easily turn into drawbacks if the right manager is not appointed.

Konnekt Quality Lead Luka Attard-Montalto highlighted a manager’s role on Sunday, explaining that an “awesome manager” that respects others is “one of the crucial ingredients for job satisfaction”.

Luke Attard-Montalto / LinkedIn
Konnekt Quality Lead Luke Attard-Montalto / LinkedIn

“In the pursuit of a fulfilling career, the role of a manager cannot be underestimated, as in today’s world, a manager is not merely someone who assigns tasks and monitors one’s progress, yet they are the keystone linking one’s job to a positive work environment to essentially create ‘individual job satisfaction’,” he explained.

He noted that a job becomes “perfect” when one is working under a manager who “truly respects and values them”. This form of respect “goes beyond the surface level” and involves the acknowledgement of efforts and listening to ideas, as well as recognition of an individual’s contributions.

“A manager that respects you fosters an atmosphere of trust, communication, and collaboration, which leads to increased job satisfaction, higher morale, and a genuine eagerness to excel in one’s role,” Mr Attard-Montalto said.

Working with a respectful manager will make other employees feel “empowered” to voice their own opinions “without fear of judgement”, and they are more likely to take on challenging projects, push boundaries, and show a curiosity to learn and grow more. Such a manager also understands the value of work-life balance, as they appreciate one’s time and efforts, while ensuring an employee is “balancing family and work appropriately”. This is because they know that a “good work-life balance reduces stress and improves mental wellbeing”.

On the other hand, he explained that a lack of respect from a manager can result in “dissatisfaction, disengagement, and burnout”.

“Feeling undervalued or ignored can quickly erode one’s enthusiasm for even the most exciting tasks,” Mr Attard-Montalto pointed out.

He acknowledged that a “perfect job” requires more than simply performing tasks, as it is also about the relationships one has within a workplace.

“Always seek out environments where your talents are not only recognised, but celebrated, and where your manager’s respect acts as a catalyst for your success. Ultimately, a job becomes truly perfect when you have a manager who believes in your potential and invests in your growth,” he added.

He concluded by saying: “Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have such a manager.”

Mr Attard-Montalto is a Human Resources (HR) and recruitment specialist and has worked at Konnekt for the past four years, spending the last year as Quality Lead. He also worked as Client Relationship Manager and Recruitment Specialist within the recruitment agency’s finance and legal section.

Aside from HR and recruitment, his background includes work in a wide array of industries including banking, insurance, and real estate. He holds a Diploma in HR from University of Malta.


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