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Kenneth Spiteri, Director of Business Innovation at, has said that the company is working to facilitate collaboration between Wales and Malta by supporting the Wales Malta Initiative (WMI).

This came as, Melita’s Internet of Things (IoT) arm with offices in Malta, Germany and Sweden, announced that it has joined forced with the not-for-profit, UK-based organisation.

The WMI aims to forge closer ties between Malta and Wales and build collaborations across various sectors, including trade development, culture, sport, tourism, education, and research.

The Malta-based company stated that this collaboration is set to lead to growth in the areas of digital and green technology, life sciences and knowledge transfer initiatives. It will be working closely with Welsh and Maltese IoT solutions partners in a bid to “maximise opportunities and drive mutual growth.”

“We are happy to collaborate with the WMI and contribute to its mission of fostering collaboration between Wales and Malta,” Mr Spiteri commented.

“As a global IoT connectivity provider, we look forward to leveraging our expertise and resources to support initiatives that drive innovation and growth in both nations,” he added.

This partnership will also see participate in the Malta Life Sciences Network panel on 29th February 2024 (Thursday), as well as have a presence during Wales Week Malta, an annual celebration of Welsh heritage and culture around St David’s Day on 1st March 2024 (Friday).

Reuben Mifsud, Co-Chair at WMI, said: “Not many people realise the strong connections that exist between Wales and Malta. Despite a long history that unites the two nations in the community, sport and business, a lot goes unnoticed to this day.”

He added that the WMI is seeking to change that lack of awareness, highlighting some of the ties that “already bind and helping start new initiatives” in areas such as academia, culture, tourism, diaspora, and Governmental collaboration.

“Wales Week gives us a global platform to shout about all the exciting grassroots initiatives to the world,” Mr Mifsud remarked.

The events of Wales Week Malta form part of the wide Wales Week Worldwide calendar of events, accessible by clicking here. For more information, click here.

Featured Image: Director of Business Innovation Kenneth Spiteri / LinkedIn


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