US hygiene products manufacturer Dr. Bronner’s is wholly committed to its social and environmental responsibility, and cites ‘integrity’ as fundamental to its mission. Company President Michael Bronner tells us how caring for the community and the Earth can become a “roadmap for resilience”.

How does an international business like Dr. Bronner’s keep its massive operations in check? Six “cosmic principles” guide the company’s most important relationships as it strives to do right by everyone involved – from company to community and all along the supply chain, and “from making soap to making social change”.

“Measurement is the first step in taking action to reduce our footprint,” asserts Michael, which is why the ‘All-One Report’ (Dr Bronner’s version of an annual CSR report) helps hold them accountable.

Top of their agenda for the years to come is the company’s goal to become “climate positive” by 2025. Michael explains, “climate positive is beyond ‘carbon neutral’ and means that, through our business practices, we will sequester more atmospheric carbon than we emit.”

This ambitious target becomes entirely possible when pushing to become zero waste, switching to 100 per cent renewable energy and adopting Regenerative Organic Agricultural sourcing of ingredients – just some of the company’s sustainable activities.

“Our business is an example that a company can be successful and profitable, while still promoting and modelling progressive business practices and sustainability programmes,” Michael says. And it most certainly is. Basing every business decision on ethical values, Dr. Bronner’s proves that it pays to do good – in more ways than one.

This article is part of the serialisation of interviews featured in MaltaCEOs 2022 – an annual high-end publication bringing together some of the country’s most influential business leaders.


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