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Greentube Malta Head of Human Resources (HR) on Wednesday shared that having flexible work setups is of major help to employees to cater to their varying needs.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased reliance on technology, workplace culture has undergone massive changes recently. Many companies have shifted from a solely office-based setup to also include a work-from-home environment.

While each type of setup has its advantages and disadvantages, everyone has their own opinion about this matter, particularly given the different circumstances each person finds themselves in.

To Ms Sammut, hybrid work has given her “everything” she could have asked for in a job.

“An incredible office setup where I can avail myself of all our commodities, meet and connect with people, but also the opportunity to work from home whenever I need to,” she said.

Having a hybrid work routine is of special significance to her, as it enables her to do volunteer work fostering kittens for CLAWS Malta, a voluntary organisation that seeks to reduce the number of stray, homeless, and abandoned cats and kittens in Malta.

“Kittens require round the clock attention, something not possible if I attended the office daily,” Ms Sammut added.

“Let us embrace the face that people have different needs, and true equity is providing them with that,” she explained, before asking: “What has your work setup enabled you to do?”

Ms Sammut has worked at Greentube Malta for almost three years, having initially joined as an HR Assistant. She has since progressed in the HR department, and has served as Head of HR for four months.

She holds a Higher Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management from University of Malta and a Diploma in HR Employment Law and New Technologies from Central Mediterranean Business School. She is also reading for a Master’s degree in HR Management and Training from University of Leicester.

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Greentube Malta Head of HR Angela Sammut / LinkedIn

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