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Xjismu, a Maltese social media platform, is set to close down for good on Saturday, Co-Founders Curt Ebejer and Andrew Deguara announced on Monday.

The news came through a joint statement from the pair, who launched the platform in 2021 with the mission to “connect people” and to “facilitate a conversation”. Since then, it has built a community where people are able to discuss and express their ideas “with no boundaries”.

In the announcement, Mr Ebejer and Mr Deguara said that the decision came with “heavy hearts”, before showing gratitude to everyone that showed their support and used the platform to “amplify” their voices.

Andrew Deguara / LinkedIn
Xjismu Co-Founder Andrew Deguara / LinkedIn

“From the beginning, our aim was to provide a platform that empowered the people of Malta to speak out and drive positive change in our community. We are proud to say that we contributed towards this goal, thanks to the overwhelming support of our members,” they added.

They stated that it had the “privilege of working with some great local brands” during that time, experiences which it described as “truly invaluable”.

“As we close this chapter, we want to assure you that our passion for making a difference in Malta will not waver. We are honoured to have been part of this journey and we will cherish the memories forever,” the Co-Founders continued.

They proceeded to thank the community for its “unwavering support” and for being a part of the “incredible journey”, before adding: “Together, we have shown that when people come together with a common goal, anything is possible.”

Curt Ebejer / LinkedIn
Xjismu Co-Founder Curt Ebejer / LinkedIn

In a separate post, Mr Ebejer, who together with Mr Deguara also co-founded Tminta, a platform bringing self-employed people and freelancers together with potential clients, also acknowledged the support shown towards Xjismu. He reaffirmed how “proud and honoured” he is to have been part of the journey.

“Working with great local brands and networking was just a small part of what made our experience so special. The real magic happened when our members came together to support each other, share their ideas, and push for change,” he said.

“We are deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a passionate and dedicated community. I want to thank you all for believing in us, for being our biggest supporters, and for making Malta’s first social media platform a reality,” Mr Ebejer added.

He remarked that while they are “closing this chapter”, the memories Xjismu’s community created together will “last a lifetime”.

“It was an honour to serve this community and I have no doubt that we will continue to make a difference in Malta and beyond,” he concluded.

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