Stefan Borg Eden Leisure Group COO

Stefan Borg has joined Eden Leisure Group as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), the company announced on Friday.

Mr Borg brings more than 25 years of experience in the fields of logistics, business development, and management, both locally and abroad. He holds a Master of Business Administration and most recently served as CEO of a prominent local group of companies.

In his role as COO, Mr Borg’s primary responsibility will be to oversee the operations of the various business units of Eden Leisure Group and ensure they function efficiently and effectively. This will include implementing strategies to drive growth, profitability, and operational excellence through innovation and new business development.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Borg said: “I am delighted to join such an extraordinary team, and I consider it a great privilege to assume the role of COO at Eden Leisure Group during such an exciting period.”

“As we embark on this new chapter on our journey, I am committed to further consolidate Eden Leisure Group’s position as the leading entertainment provider on the island,” he continued.

Carinzia Camilleri Eden Leisure Group GM
New Eden Leisure Group General Manager of the Entertainment Sector Carinzia Camilleri

Additionally, the company also announced the promotion of Carinzia Camilleri as General Manager of the Entertainment Sector. She is described as a dedicated professional with a strong background in the retail and entertainment industries. Over the past nine years, starting as Cinema General Manager, Ms Camilleri played a pivotal role in leading and shaping the cinema’s operations, “ensuring an exceptional experience for every patron, thanks to her incredible dedication and team support”.

In her new role, she will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, including strategy development, resource management, and team leadership. Ms Camilleri will work towards achieving company goals, ensuring efficient processes, and maintaining a positive company culture while making key decisions related to the departments under her care.

Speaking about the news, she said: “As I step into the role of General Manager for the Entertainment Sector, I’m both humbled and invigorated by the opportunities this new chapter brings.”

“Together with my exceptional team and under the guidance of our forward-thinking leadership, we’re poised to redefine the boundaries of entertainment excellence and make memorable experiences a hallmark of our journey,” she added.

Eden Leisure Group CEO Simon De Cesare commented: “Stefan [Mr Borg] is a seasoned C-level professional who has filled the post of COO for the group at a time when the portfolio of the group is expanding with a brand-new bowling centre and many other aspects of family entertainment.”

“2024 will be another year of growth and the operational arm will be key in delivering results,” he said.

“I am also thrilled to announce the promotion of Carinzia [Ms Camilleri] to the post of General Manager of the Entertainment Sector. She has been with the group for a number of years in charge of our successful cinema product and will now be expanding her portfolio to the rest of the fast-growing entertainment arm of the group,” he added.

Mr De Cesare concluded that he is sure that Ms Camilleri will “impart the excellence seen in the cinema through the rest of the entertainment portfolio”.

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New Eden Leisure Group COO Stefan Borg


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