Working from home during an intense heatwave can be a blessing as it decreases traveling time during a hot afternoon, among other things.

On the other hand, it presents its own set of challenges, especially if your home is not equipped to handle piping hot weather like some offices that are specifically designed to beat the heat.

As summer approaches and as we’re gearing up to have another hot season, here are five ways you can keep your cool during a hot summery day at the home office.

1) Light and breezy clothes

One of the biggest luxuries of working from home is having the flexibility to wear casual and comfortable clothing.

Breathable casual clothing, that is not normally appropriate for the office, is a crucial step to keep a cool the body temperature.

2) A cool workstation

While some have special designated areas to work in, such as an at home office, others switch spots throughout the day.

When summertime comes, it’s good to keep in mind areas of the house that do not accumulate lots of heat and stay away from direct sunlight. Choosing cooler rooms, closing blinds or curtains, or using light-coloured window treatments can keep the house a few degrees cooler.

3) Keeping hydrated

Experiencing constant heat can be detrimental for the body and can cause a lot of discomfort. In addition, it can cause fatigue, dehydration, increased heart rate, loss of concentration and in extreme circumstances, heat stroke.

Another step to keep your body cool is to have a bottle of water or a cooling flask on your desk. This can serve as a constant reminder to drink water or electrolytes regularly.

4) More greens less meat

It’s true that the summer season comes with an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables that make for ‘summery meals.’ Some are naturally drawn to lighter meals while others still like a heavier bite.

Nonetheless, during summertime it is recommended to reduce meat intake. Why?

When the body consumes a meal rich in protein, it goes through a process to break down and digest it, called thermogenesis. However, unlike other foods, protein requires more energy than carbohydrates and fats to break down, which leads to a rise in body temperature.

5) Keeping electronics ventilated

Heat does not only affect humans and animals. Gadgets too can overheat when left in unventilated and hot areas and so, if working with laptops and other gadgets, make use of cooling tools so that equipment does not go slow or shut down.

This can be done by avoiding direct sunlight and using laptop stands and coolers.

Bonus: It goes without saying that air conditioning and use of desk fans and ordinary fans are very popular these days. However, making regular use of these strategies can decrease the need for alternative ways to cool yourself, ultimately being more sustainable and prepared in the event of having no power.


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