Natalie Briffa Farrugia / CareMalta

Vassallo Group Chairperson Natalie Briffa Farrugia on Sunday described the opening of Dar Santa Rosa, a newly-inaugurated care home for children and minors with disabilities, as a “precious and priceless” milestone.

Dar Santa Rosa is a new “first-of-its-kind” home in Malta that will provide children with a building and environment that are suitable for them, together with specifically designed programmes. It has 27 bedrooms spread across four floors, together with a number of common areas. It was completed following an investment of €3 million from HILA Homes Ltd, an entity that was set up by CareMalta Group to offer a range of services to people with disabilities.

Aside from her role at Vassallo Group, Ms Briffa Farrugia is also listed as Chairperson at its subsidiary CareMalta Group, a company aimed at providing care for the elderly.

Dar Santa Rosa / HILA Homes / Facebook
Dar Santa Rosa / HILA Homes / Facebook

She expressed gratitude those people who helped make Dar Santa Rosa happen. “Thank you to all those involved and a big toast to a dream come true, a dream that will make a big difference to the lives of children and young adults with disabilities,” she said.

“We will continue to invest in big projects with a social conscience, an important value our business embraces on a daily basis,” she continued.

Dar Santa Rosa / HILA Homes / Facebook
Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli (left), HILA Homes CEO Janet Silvio (centre) and Vassallo Group Chairperson Natalie Briffa Farrugia (right) during the inauguration / HILA Homes / Facebook

Ms Briffa Farrugia concluded by adding that CareMalta is looking forward to welcoming its first clients at the home, which has “so much meaning and a rich past”, and offers families “tailor-made respite services”.

Dar Santa Rosa was inaugurated on Wednesday by Minister for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights Julia Farrugia Portelli. During the event, HILA Homes CEO Janet Silvio stated that through the home, the company will have the opportunity to “reach and help more people and families, while also providing them with concrete support”.

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Vassallo Group Chairperson Natalie Briffa Farrugia / CareMalta


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