Green Dinja is a leading specialist in solar and wind energy, dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions for homes, commercial real estate and project developers. Founded in 2021 by Director Mattheus Buyukkaya, Green Dinja applies its unique expertise to supply renewable energy and energy-saving solutions across Europe – with a view to expanding into North Africa and creating a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

An entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience, Green Dinja Founder and Director Mattheus Buyukkaya wanted to channel his passion for renewable energy, determination to succeed and love of continuous learning into a new venture. “I started as a junior with a company and progressed through various positions until I decided to launch my own renewable energy company, Green Dinja, in 2021,” Mattheus recalls. “We have just marked our second anniversary in November 2023, but we celebrate every day.”

Mattheus’ positivity and work ethos have fuelled many milestone moments in the company’s two-year journey, notably Green Dinja’s ever-increasing international recognition for its commitment to sustainability and innovation within the renewable energy sector, both in Malta and beyond. They are also reflected in Mattheus’ leadership style, as he steers his core administration team and prioritises regular collaboration with local contractors and installers.

“I believe in leading by example and encouraging a culture of transparency and collaboration,” he affirms. “Although I prefer to be subtle with my team to promote open and constructive communication, I’m an extrovert and love engaging with people and building connections. It helps that I’m a networker. I’m never more in my element than at a business lunch or industry event, as these provide an excellent opportunity for networking and relationship-building within a country’s renewable energy industry.”

Describing his role of Director at Green Dinja as one of “leadership, vision and responsibility,” Mattheus sets the strategic direction for the company. For Green Dinja, this centres around making a positive impact on the international renewable energy landscape by supplying high-quality solar and wind energy installations for both private and business customers. Headquartered in Malta, Green Dinja operates a satellite office in the Netherlands to enhance customer service for regions with a high demand for renewable energy, including Germany, France and Belgium.

“Green Dinja offers specialised knowledge, experience and products in this niche, answering the global need for sustainable energy sources,” Mattheus goes on. “Since we launched, we have achieved significant renewable energy capacity, diversified our portfolio and pioneered innovative building management solutions through integrating cutting-edge technologies into our services. Alongside our digital transformation, we also work within the business market and take on contracts with big-name brands on large-scale projects. We have become known for our reliability, expertise and environmental responsibility – a reputation we do not take for granted.”

Meanwhile, Green Dinja’s commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction continue to set the company apart as a leading provider of solar power in the world. “Everything we do, we do with integrity,” asserts Mattheus. “We never walk away from our responsibilities. If something needs to be fixed, we fix it. Better still, we strive to get it right the first time, working to the strictest European standards and ensuring that everything down to the cable management is perfect.”

Mattheus’ insistence on perfection, combined with Green Dinja’s expert knowledge – particularly when handling materials that represent a potential health and safety risk for consumers – has made the company an international go-to for solar energy installations.

To further enhance the company’s digital connectivity, Mattheus shares that Green Dinja partnered with Maxx Fiber in 2023, a company that delivers fibre optic internet to homes and businesses to provide fast and reliable internet access for all. “Technological advancements and sustainability are mutually beneficial practices,” Mattheus states. “Innovation in technology often leads to more efficient, eco-friendly solutions. Our collaboration with Maxx Fiber is a prime example of combining green energy and high-speed internet to improve modern living and business while reducing environmental impact.”

As the global energy crisis deepens, the niche expertise of Green Dinja in the field of energy conservation becomes increasingly important. Likewise, amid an ever-rising cost of living, Mattheus emphasises that solar energy can bring both environmental and economic benefits. “Becoming energy independent can have a profound positive impact on the local community, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, lowering energy costs and contributing to a greener environment,” he explains. “In the face of climate change, it is important to do as much as we can to leave a clean and liveable world for future generations. And while Green Dinja is committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels, providing safe renewable energy, promoting energy-neutral homes, and decentralising energy generation, we also wanted to make solar installations more affordable and accessible, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.”

To help achieve this goal, Green Dinja launched four packages in late 2023 aimed at potential customers who had cost concerns regarding the installation of a solar panel system on their property. “Based on intensive research, we have targeted several countries in Europe, including Malta, where we will sell basic solar system packages for residential houses without installation. According to the package tier, we ship the high-end products and supplies to the customer, recommend local installers they can use for the installation and offer advice throughout the process. This will help to stimulate the renewable energy market in that country and create more green homes, while customers may receive a grant to help cover the costs and enjoy long-term benefits such as a significant reduction in their energy bills. Everyone wins, including the planet.”

While the rapid pace of digital adoption across the industry opened new avenues for growth, 2023 also brought opportunities in areas such as sustainability consulting, which Mattheus foresees will continue throughout the coming years. “In 2024, my focus is on maintaining a leadership position in sustainability and innovation. The goal is to position Green Dinja as a significant global advocate for eco-friendly solutions and quality within the renewable energy sector,” he reveals. “Additionally, there are plans to enhance the Green Dinja website to better cater to international customers and promote the residential packages across Europe.”

All this, in addition to further expanding Green Dinja’s renewable energy capacity, enhancing its digital offerings and exploring new partnerships to expand its reach further into the European and North African markets. “In 2024, we will continue to work towards our vision of creating a greener world for everyone,” Mattheus concludes.

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