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The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul on Monday explained that putting in place procedures can serve as a means for businesses to operate in a more efficient manner and curb the need for extensive micromanagement.

He said that business leaders can “find peace in procedures”, and micromanagement on the other hand can act as a “peace killer”.

Micromanagement adds “unnecessary stress and puts a harness on creativity”, he noted, and thus “well-defined procedures” can serve as a “powerful antidote”.

The business world is tremendously hectic, requiring business leaders to move from one task to another in quick succession, often having multiple things on their mind. Therefore, Mr Ellul said that peace can instead seem like a “luxury”.

However, he explained that peace can often be found in the “most unexpected places”, such as in procedures.

“Procedures aren’t just checklists or guidelines. They’re our pathways to peace,” he said.

“They allow us to function efficiently, eliminating the need for constant micromanagement and providing a reassuring sense of predictability in an unpredictable world,” Mr Ellul continued.

Contrary to popular belief, he stated that procedures, especially the right ones for a business, do not restrict business leaders, but they “free” them.

“They provide the framework within which creativity thrives and excellence is achieved consistently,” he said.

“Embrace procedures. Find your peace. Drive your growth,” he concluded.

Mr Ellul founded The Growth Bully in 2021 with the aim to utilise his experience in marketing, events, social media and business development to assist businesses and brands in connecting with their customers and grow their sales through B2B and B2C activations. The team has since grown and now services over 90 clients across various industries, including medical aesthetics, reproductive health, hospitality, fitness, e-commerce, and real estate, among others.

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The Growth Bully Founder and CEO Stephen Ellul / LinkedIn


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