1. Establish a routine

Whether it’s your daily morning mantra of breakfast/exercise/spending time with the kids or an evening pattern of self-care/meal prepping/getting organised for tomorrow, having a stable routine outside of work helps keep those with super hectic professional lives grounded and structured.

2. Less multi-tasking, more focusing

There simply isn’t enough time in a day to achieve all we want to, so instead of trying to see to everything instantly (by which point, days and weeks will likely pass you by), set daily goals and focus on achieving them, reducing the time spent fleeting between multiple tasks per day.

3. Maintain control of your schedule

As a CEO, you’re likely to be pulled in a hundred different directions throughout the day, which could make a tough job of maintaining your schedule. While someone planning on your behalf could be helpful, try and retain control of your calendar, plans and projects, both at work and outside of it.

4. Take time to step back

Taking some time out to step back and slow down shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but a necessity. In the mad, fast-paced world we live in, workdays have been accelerated, making it easy for pressure to mount. Carve out a few hours a week for thoughtful reflection – it just might lead to your next great idea.

5. Make time for family

Knowing there’s always work to be done could make it impossible for you to switch off around your loved ones, but it’s crucial that you do, both for your own wellbeing and for sustaining your most important relationships. Put your phone down, be present, and leave those pending tasks for tomorrow.

6. Find ways to clear your head

Whether it’s time spent reading up on a non-work related subject you’re passionate about or listening to your favourite podcast, find a way to distract your mind from the daily noise that permeates our brain every day. It’s not wasted time, and not a guilty pleasure either – but a dose of dopamine to help you through the day.  


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