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Willingness Hub Managing Partner Matthew Bartolo has stressed that in today’s business environment, it is crucial for businesses to foster a resilient workforce.

His comments came as Willingness Hub recently signed an alliance agreement with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry to work together in proposing solutions and ideas that can enhance wellbeing at workplaces. The agreement was signed by Chris Vassallo Cesareo and Marthese Portelli, President and CEO of The Malta Chamber respectively, together with Mr Bartolo.

Through this collaboration, with the involvement of The Malta Chamber Health and Wellness Committee, both parties will work on initiatives that put wellbeing at the forefront and support businesses in implementing wellbeing practices to improve employee health which in turn enhances productivity and team dynamics, reduces stress, increase employee retention and attracts talent.

Willingness Hub - Malta Chamber
From left: Willingness Hub Managing Partner Matthew Bartolo, The Malta Chamber President Chris Vassallo Cesareo, and The Malta Chamber CEO Marthese Portelli

“I believe that by taking a leadership role in the Health and Wellness Committee at The Malta Chamber, Willingness Team aims to strengthen mental health strategies in our business culture,” Mr Bartolo said.

He added that Willingness Hub’s experience has showed the team that businesses “thrive when they consider the holistic wellbeing of their teams”. He noted that this has become “more important than ever before” due to the prevalence of stress, anxiety, and burnout being present at workplaces.

“It’s imperative to embed mental health into the very core of business strategies,” Mr Bartolo highlighted, before adding that it is “paramount” for businesses to nurture a “resilient workforce” within the current environment.

“And who better to partner with than The Malta Chamber, which has consistently championed sustainable business practices?” he said.

Chris Vassallo Cesareo / LinkedIn
The Malta Chamber President Chris Vassallo Cesareo / LinkedIn

He explained that over the coming months, the Health and Wellness Committee will be launching a series of workshops and resources. These will be tailored to foster a “balanced, mentally astute, and resilient” workforce. Members of The Malta Chamber will have the opportunity to utilise these resources, thus enhancing team wellbeing, boosting productivity, and also “paving the way for a thriving future”.

Ahead of the signing, Mr Vassallo Cesareo said that wellbeing at the workplace is “not just a mere trend”, but it is “the key to unlocking the full potential of any business or organisation”.

“When people are supported, healthy, and engaged, they can achieve remarkable things and drive the success of both themselves and the company they work at,” he added.

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Willingness Hub Managing Partner Matthew Bartolo / Willingness Hub


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