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Y Ltd Founder and Managing Director (MD) Gordon Pace on Wednesday shared that each sale is a “privilege” and the consumer’s trust in the company’s product or service should always be valued.

Mr Pace is widely experienced in the communications industry, and founded Y Ltd in 2013 to provide marketing and public relations services. The company has since grown, and in 2019 it acquired the operations of Calypso Radio 101.8 and completed the purchase of the station earlier this year. The radio station has also recently moved to a new office building and studio.

Posting on LinkedIn, Mr Pace remarked that he rarely takes to platform to share his thoughts, because it tends to be filled with life quotes and business quotes, while showcases of one’s “true character” are not as common.

This lack of genuineness is an element that “instantly” drives him away from LinkedIn.

“If I am working with someone, I need to know that person’s values and work ethic and slowly understand the character. After all, this is what makes one unique,” Mr Pace explained.

He said that prior to posting, he had just spotted a quote about how a sale must be concluded “at any cost”. Following this, Mr Pace removed the connection immediately as he did not agree with the statement.

“A sale is a privilege. Someone is showing trust in you, and, no matter the amount, trust should be highly valued,” he stressed.

Businesses should not sell “at any cost”, but instead, they must provide an “honest and fair deal” to consumers, Mr Pace continued.

“Do not rip people off. That’s how you build your reputation, identity and brand,” he concluded.

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Y Ltd Founder and Managing Director Gordon Pace / LinkedIn


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