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Endeavour Founder and Organisational Psychologist Practitioner Daniel Cassar on Sunday highlighted that remaining authentic and genuine goes beyond life at work, as it is also vital in enhancing one’s life.

Mr Cassar, also HR Manager at Delta (Malta) Ltd, was noting down the key lessons he learnt over the past week in a blog post, remarking that the week was a “whirlwind of productivity and emotional intensity”, taking him through different facets of growth and development.

Mr Cassar specialises in strengthening the relationships between team leaders and members through his knowledge about leadership and team management. He has a passion for workplace safety, and holds a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from University of Leicester, as well as a Higher Diploma in Psychology from University of Malta, among other qualifications.

Starting off, he remarked that at Endeavour, a consultancy firm with the aim of helping people “find value and fulfilment from work”, the past week was dedicated to him giving and receiving feedback.

“The primary lesson that resonated with me was the importance of remaining authentic while staying grounded in our true selves,” Mr Cassar said, adding that this lesson even affected him personally.

“It’s a reminder that authenticity is not just a professional requirement but a principle that enhances our lives holistically. By being our genuine selves, we not only navigate the professional realm more effectively, but also nurture our personal growth,” he continued.

To best explain this, he referred to one of Endeavour’s recent sessions, during which time a challenging workplace situation was being discussed. As the different perspectives and ideas were being shared, Mr Cassar realised that “authenticity was the common thread” among the ones speaking.

“By embracing our true selves and respecting one another’s authenticity, we transformed a potentially contentious issue into a constructive dialogue. This reaffirmed the lesson I’ve learnt throughout the week, that staying true to ourselves is not just empowering but also a catalyst for productive and authentic interactions,” he explained.

Aside from that, Mr Cassar also recalled the progress he is making in the journey of his podcast, GROWTH Schema, recording two more episodes during the week. He reflected that through the conversations with his guests, he is reminded that learning from others and sharing their experiences is a “journey of personal growth in itself.”

“The willingness to listen, learn, and adapt opens doors to new perspectives, ultimately enriching our own personal and professional development,” Mr Cassar pointed out.

His week also included the conclusion of a module he had been lecturing on, Work Psychology. It was his first time teaching this module, and he still felt a “mixture of joy and anticipation” even after it ended, looking forward to more opportunities to teach next year.

Lastly, Mr Cassar took some time to prioritise self-care, especially in terms of getting enough sleep.

“The difference it makes in maintaining a positive mood, heightened focus, and improved productivity is remarkable. Consistently ensuring at least five hours of sleep each night has uplifted my wellbeing,” he added.

Summarising the past week, Mr Cassar harked back to authenticity’s importance and “harmonious relationship” with professional endeavours and personal growth.

“Authenticity isn’t merely a professional virtue; it’s a vital element that enriches all aspects of life,” he concluded.

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Endeavour Founder and Organisational Psychologist Practitioner Daniel Cassar / LinkedIn


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