Angelo Xuereb

Angelo Xuereb, Founder and Chairman of AX Group has been awarded with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Tourism by The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation.

Posting on LinkedIn about the achievement, AX Group remarked that Mr Xuereb’s journey in the tourism industry began in 1983 with a “strategic entry into the hospitality sector”. This year was marked by the establishment of the four-star AX Sunny Coast Resort and Spa in Qawra.

Eventually, he saw to the opening the Suncrest Hotel in 1988, described as Malta’s “largest hotel for over two decades”.

“In a historic move”, in 1977, AX Group became the first leisure industry company to be listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

“A pioneer in the development of award-winning hotels and restaurants, Mr Xuereb contributed to the creation of the five-star AX The Palace Malta, the four-star AX The Victoria Hotel and AX Palazzo Capua,” the company explained further.

In 2017, AX Hotels undertook the restoration of AX The Saint John in Valletta along with the five-star Rosselli – AX Privilege on Merchants Street. AX Group’s latest addition to its collection of hotels and dining establishments, it transformed Seashells Resort at Suncrest into the AX ODYCY Hotel in Qawra, “demonstrating his commitment to the area’s development.”

In addition, AX Group is expected to open the Verdala Wellness Hotel, after 2024.

“Determination, creativity, and integrity have consistently guided Mr Xuereb’s professional journey. The legacy of excellence is set to continue under his leadership and that of his daughters Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of Hospitality, and Denise Xuereb, supported by the Board of Directors, management, investors, and a dedicated workforce,” the company added.

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