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Noel Debono, Organisational Development Lead – Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte Malta, on Tuesday highlighted the vital role communication has within workplaces, as it enables improved performance across all fronts.

To best explain this, Mr Debono drew upon a recent personal experience he had, where he noticed that his family ran out of milk at home, and he proceeded to go out and buy some more. However, he failed to communicate this to his wife, who bought more as well, leaving them with an oversupply of milk.

Mr Debono noted that the key lesson learnt here is that “communication creates synergies, improves efficiency, and reduces costs”.

He said that this also applies to the workplace, and the higher the individual’s place within the organisation, the more they need to communicate.

“After all, the way you decide – or not – to communicate affects employee morale and engagement,” Mr Debono explained.

For some key tips on how business leaders can both communicate effectively, and encourage others within the workplace to do so, click here.

Mr Debono is highly experienced in the fields of HR and business coaching, as aside from his role at Deloitte Malta, he is also a Certified Business Coach on a freelance basis.

He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, and a degree in Computing from University of Greenwich, aside from other qualifications. He has also volunteered as a Business Advisor at JA Malta for over six years.

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Deloitte Malta Organisational Development Lead – Human Capital Consulting Noel Debono / LinkedIn

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