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In the dynamic and rapidly changing business world, the role of working parents has undergone a massive evolution over the past few years.

The idea that roles are rigidly defined, where one parent takes care of the children and the other works, is long gone. Both parents are now navigating their way through the struggles of balancing work and their career aspirations with being present for those at home.

However, achieving this balance is far from easy, especially in today’s world, where the demand for excellence and the drive to climb the corporate ladder are arguably higher than ever. This can ultimately pose difficulties that result in stress, burnout, and possibly even tensions in the parents’ relationship.

Therefore, a healthy work-life balance has become the ultimate goal for working parents, as they seek to find the sweet spot where career and family do not just coexist, but thrive and flourish in a harmonious way.

To Nicoló Rocchia, Front Office Manager at Meliá Hotels International’s Malta operations, and new father, this required a new level of determination.

Speaking about the challenge of parenthood on Tuesday, Mr Rocchia remarked that there is the idea that becoming a father while working is difficult, and that one’s career aspirations will have to be “temporary put on hold.”

Despite this, he remarked that he has “always believed that determination is the key” when such challenges arise.

Mr Rocchia is an experienced hospitality industry professional, having worked at various hotels in Malta, Italy, and the UK. Last year, he bid farewell to InterContinental Malta after seven years, before moving to Meliá Hotels International.

“As long as you are determined to achieve the goals you have set, nothing can stop you from being a good father whilst balancing your work and father duties,” Mr Rocchia said.

He noted that in these situations, it is vital for parents to expand their knowledge and to “keep learning new languages.”

It is also important to achieve professional growth by “exposing yourself to new challenges and embracing the daily difficulties.”

Mr Rocchia explained that these are the key aspects that will test one’s resilience and help shape working parents into the people they “want to be.”

For more tips on how to handle being a working parent, click here.

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Front Office Manager Nicoló Rocchia / LinkedIn


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