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Everyone goes through difficult times, yet it is how one works their way out of that rut and getting back to normal that truly counts.

This is the case at the workplace, as employees are constantly faced with mounting challenges and tasks that are not as simple as they seem.

As a result, receiving a few words of encouragement and congratulations upon a task’s completion for a job well done goes a long way. Consistent praise boosts motivation and can make employees feel appreciated, potentially helping organisations hold on to their best talent.

VacancyCentre Senior Recruitment Consultant Simon Pace agreed with this on Thursday, explaining that the importance of such praise at work should not be underestimated.

Simon Pace / VacancyCentre
VacancyCentre Senior Recruitment Consultant Simon Pace / VacancyCentre

He explained that there are primarily two main types of praise: that which acknowledges effort, and that which recognises ability.

“Both are important and useful, however, praising effort is generally considered more beneficial than praising ability,” he said.

Mr Pace noted that praising effort can encourage employees to “develop a growth mindset”, and also “emphasises the process of working hard, preserving, and improving over time”. Therefore, it has a number of long-term advantages that not only benefit the individual, but also the organisation.

“It acknowledges that success is a result of continuous learning, rather than inborn talent,” he remarked.

Furthermore, he said that when effort is praised, employees are “more likely to take on new challenges”, as they will view mistakes as “opportunities for growth”, rather than stumbling blocks. As a result, they will be less likely to fear failure.

“Creating an environment that values effort over innate ability can contribute to both personal and professional development,” Mr Pace explained.

A healthy workplace environment where employees are valued leads to them believing in their ability to “succeed through their actions”, which in turn can lead to “greater confidence and motivation”.

Mr Pace is vastly experienced within the staffing and recruitment industry and has served as Senior Recruitment Consultant at VacancyCentre for over four years. His experience also includes more than six years as Senior Consultant at Castille. He has worked with local and international clients, primarily sourcing clients within accounts, payments, finance, IT, operations, digital marketing, and also legal and compliance.


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