The financial and professional world was recently abuzz with the news of the launch of Forvis Mazars, a new Top 10 global network bringing together two leading professional services firms, namely Mazars, an international partnership operating in over 100 countries and territories, and Forvis, a top ranked firm in the United States.

The launch of the new global firm was marked locally by an event on 3rd June at the offices of Forvis Mazars in Malta in Mrieħel.

Anthony Attard, the firm’s Managing Partner, highlighted the implications arising from the creation of Forvis Mazars.

He first explained that being the “largest new entrant into the global rankings in recent history,” the launch of Forvis Mazars “has effectively shaken up the global professional services sector.”

Mr Attard added that the unique nature of Forvis Mazars provides the “scale, agility, capacity and courage” to support clients wherever in the world they operate. “This will be of particular benefit to the local firm’s Maltese and international customers, and the Maltese professional services and financial sector in general,” he said.

According to him, “the aligned nature of a two-firm global partnership means that clients will be better served through the integrated, consistent, and agile service deliver Forvis Mazars can now provide. This will be boosted by its commitment to invest collaboratively in its clients’ industries to accelerate innovation.”

He explained that the new network is founded on pillars which, over the years, have spelt success for the two member firms worldwide.

“At Forvis Mazars, our professionals develop a deep understanding of each individual client, their needs and the context within which they operate. We take the time to listen, and we strive to build a deep understanding of each and every client, their context and their unique challenge, irrespective of their size.”

“We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries, speaking their language and bringing relevant insight and experience. Moreover, we deliver thoughtful, balanced advice and tailored solutions that help our clients navigate complexity. The bottom line is that we are committed to delivering an unmatched client experience: one that feels right, personal, easy, and natural to every client,” he continued.

Mr Attard highlighted Forvis Mazars’ reputation for “developing a bold foresight of local and international events.”

“This allows us to look ahead and anticipate how we can better serve our clients, face challenges head on – with a focus on long-term sustainability – while performing within the strictest parameters of professional integrity. Hence our brand tagline ‘Built for Forward’,” he said.

Getting down to brass tacks, Mr Attard then turned to the range of services which Forvis Mazars in Malta offers its members. He mentioned the multidisciplinary approach which the firm has been developing over the past years.

Apart from its traditional core auditing and assurance work, which it continues to provide while adopting a “distinctive, human-centric approach that goes beyond compliance,” Mr Attard explained that Forvis Mazars in Malta’s suite of services now also encompasses providing expertise in areas such as risk consulting and financial advisory.

“We do this through services designed to provide critical support to clients when they need it most, while allowing them to meet the challenges – and mitigate the effects – of ever-changing technological and financial scenarios with confidence,” he said.

Mr Attard also explained how tax and corporate services today play a fundamental role in the firm’s offer, where insight and innovation have become key factors: “Today’s tax systems pose significant challenges for businesses. The complexities of domestic and international rules mean organisations need clear, informed, and considered guidance.”

“At Forvis Mazars, we are committed to working closely with our clients to build transparent, integrated tax-efficient solutions that provide peace of mind and help them excel in a sustainable way,” he continued.

Forvis Mazars has also been crafting a niche for itself as an outsourcing partner. Mr Attard said that “for companies wishing to focus on their core competences or to look at opportunities in new geographic markets, outsourcing to Forvis Mazars non-core activities such as accounting and reporting, HR and payroll, and corporate secretarial functions, is a low-risk way to grow one’s business.”

“It keeps one’s financial exposure to a minimum and enables them to draw on the specific skills and expertise they need, when they need them. Moreover, Forvis Mazars has a strong track record in helping businesses internationalise, and our suite of tools and solutions helps clients monitor and control their outsourced activities, wherever in the world they operate,” he affirmed.

Towards the end of the interview, Mr Attard underlined the fact that irrespective of the evolution in the range of services offered by the firm, “Forvis Mazars remains true to its founder’s value of deep ethical commitment, responsibility, and a belief that technical excellence is the key to success.”


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