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Non-Executive Director and Executive Mentor Nadia Pace on Monday shared that she has got married, a milestone that has come with “numerous presuppositions”.

“This is not my usual LinkedIn post,” she said, before adding that she got married last month at the age of 43. The Executive Mentor noted that for someone who “decided to focus all her energy on her career to date, this was an important occasion”.

Ms Pace holds a number of Board positions as Chairperson, Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor, and also offers leadership and executive mentoring.

“Little did I know, that getting married is accompanied with numerous presuppositions, from the age to the minutest detail of the colour of the shoes,” she continued.

Ms Pace added that social media influences do not make the situation any better and fail to ease any of the imposter syndrome questioning that may arise.

“The morale of the story is that everyone’s timeline is different,” she said.

“I was questioned when I took on the CEO role at the age of 34, similar questions arose 10 years later on a different occasion,” she explained.

However, Ms Pace said that at the end, it was a “truly memorable experience”, and that is ultimately “what matters”.

Ms Pace is vastly experienced within the business world and describes herself as a “strong advocate for innovation and business transformation”. She is a Master of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations graduate from City College, an institution affiliate with the University of Sheffield.

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Nadia Pace on her wedding day / LinkedIn


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