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Glistening sun, excruciating heat, days at the beach, barbeque gatherings, and the occasional power cut.

Summer, especially in Malta’s Mediterranean climate, is a mixed bag that seems to drag on forever.

However, it is a particularly crucial time for business leaders, offering periods of reflection, planning for what’s ahead, and also ample time to rest and feel revitalised.

Rather than treating it like any other time of the year, business leaders need to fully grasp this opportunity and set both themselves and their business up for success.

Here are four ways you can tackle the hot summer months head on.

1) Take note of and celebrate employees’ vacation plans

Employee appreciation and recognition is at the heart of a positive work environment. However, this does not stop at acknowledging that one has done their work.

Workers want to know that their leadership team cares about both their career and well-being.

Since many employees opt for summer holidays, CEOs need to make sure to ask them what they are planning and to encourage them to have a great trip.

Instead of fearing their absence, CEOs should share employees’ excitement and support their time off.

While it may be tough to lose a team member for a week or two, employee health must come first. At the end of the day, once they return, they will be all rested and refreshed, all ready to get back into the swing of things!

2) Out of office protocols are essential

With employees taking breaks and vacations, employers need to have protocols in place to put their mind at ease that certain aspects of the business will not come to a halt just because of an individual’s absence.

The leadership team needs to implement protocols to clarify certain matters, including when they will be taking their time off and how their work will be delegated to other team members.

Other elements such as automatic email replies and calendar blocking are a must and should be added to the protocol list.

CEOs need to stress the importance of planning in advance, as this does not only help the business, but also colleagues and customers.

3) Create a summer networking plan

Summer is the perfect time to spend some time away from the office to grab a coffee or a drink.

Business leaders can view this as an opportunity to meet up with a business partner, talent who they have been passively recruiting, a key customer, or possibly a mentor.

Therefore, it would be wise for business leaders to create a short list of cafés or restaurants, keeping it handy for when they need to organise a meet up.

4) Get some rest… and travel!

Life at the helm of a business can get tiring, especially since it has now become increasingly difficult to distinguish between life at work and at home.

However, business leaders need to make a commitment to disconnect.

This can be alone, with friends, family, or their significant other, and can range from just a two-day break to three weeks.

Some may prefer a trip to explore different cultures, others may prefer a stay at a resort to get their full rest in, while some may go for a more adventurous endeavour, such as a hiking or skiing vacation.

Just like employees, business leaders also stand to benefit from taking a break every once in a while. So why not book a trip away to give your mind a break?

This will not only be beneficial for the business leader in question, but it will also set an example for others. Additionally, it can also serve as a way to see how the leadership team does without you.


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