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Malta-based telecoms company GO plc on Friday announced the introduction of paid pregnancy loss leave, offering women four weeks of paid leave in the event of pregnancy loss.

Commenting on the new policy, GO Chief People Officer Sarah Mifsud stated: “We fully recognise the impact that pregnancy loss can have on our people, and just as we have offered the necessary and appropriate support in the past, this policy provides a structured offering to our people during such difficult times.”

“This is just another step forward in providing them the time and space they need to grieve and recover without the added stress of worrying about their financial situation,” she added.

Sarah Mifsud / LinkedIn
GO plc Chief People Officer Sarah Mifsud / LinkedIn

The introduction of this policy comes as a “truly innovative and forward-looking” move for local companies, going “above and beyond” the statutory requirements determined by law, highlighting GO’s “commitment towards become a more compassionate and inclusive employers”.

The World Health Organisation states that losing a baby in pregnancy through miscarriage or stillbirth is still a taboo subject worldwide that is linked to stigma, shame and guilt. A number of women still do not receive appropriate and respectful care when their baby passes away during pregnancy or childbirth, and it is often a subject surrounded by silence and one which is both devastating and traumatic for those experiencing it.

“We are very proud of the wellbeing initiatives we have introduced for our people. We believe that, as employers, we too have a responsibility to provide a working environment which priorities the family unit,” Mr Mifsud explained.

She remarks that the introduction of the paid pregnancy loss leave, paid leave for the non-birthing parent, hybrid roles and flexible working, continues to “assist people in balancing their work and family life”.

“Such initiatives also play a role in encouraging and attracting young girls and women to explore careers in traditionally male-dominated sectors, such as telecommunications, knowing that they will be fully supported in every aspect of their professional and personal lives. Overall, the company is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, where all employees are valued and supported,” she continued.

Ms Mifsud added that GO also has measures in place to help the impacted employee transition back to work by ensuring that the management team is “adequately trained to deal with such situations”.


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