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14th February, Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to spending time with your special someone.

From elaborate dinner dates to spectacular presents, couples often go to great lengths to make this day particularly special for their partner.

However, for those ambitious professionals who want to make sure they are doing their best work possible, while also aiming to be an ideal partner, striking a balance may seem impossible, especially during extremely stressful days.

Having to work longer hours, constantly checking the phone for emails, and coming home agitated and annoyed by something that went on at work can have an impact on one’s relationship with their partner.

Nevertheless, while it may be difficult, it is possible to pursue your career and maintain a healthy love life with your significant other.

So, here are six tips which can go a long way in helping one achieving this balance.

1) Emotional check-ins

When work is especially hectic, life tends to go by quicker, possibly creating a sort of distance between an individual and their partner.

It is important for individuals to consider taking a step back to conduct an emotional check-in with their partner. They need to ask: How are they feeling? Do they feel seen or supported? Do they need any help with certain tasks?

Individuals must discuss what they both could do in order to feel more connected.

2) Regular communication

Communication is key aspect of any type of relationship.

While it may be difficult to constantly communicate with one another while at work, especially since it may take a toll on one’s productivity and can serve as a distraction, it is still great for the partner to know that their significant other is thinking about them.

Maybe if one has a free second at work, possibly during their breaktime, they can send their partner a text message or a funny video.

If one has a particularly busy day, then they should let their partner know that they will be away from their phone because they need to get some work done.

3) Establish a date night

Every relationship is different, with some couples only being together for the past few months, while others have been together for years. However, that sense of romance between one another should still be given priority, even years into the relationship.

And nothing arguably sums up romance more than a date night.

Dedicating one night a week or a month where the couple know that they will be hanging out together will help them organise their other needs during the remaining days of the week.

It also gives the pair something to look forward to no mater how busy their schedule gets.

4) Active listening

Tied to the second tip about communication, active listening is essential to fostering a healthy relationship.

If one’s time with their partner is limited, then they have to truly make their time together count, and that includes actively listening to what each individual has to say.

While it may be tempting to look at one’s phone when an email or a text message from work pops up, an individual needs to try to be as present as possible with their partner.

This allows the pair to have a deeper understanding of one another, also enabling them to unwind about their day.

5) Form healthy boundaries

Establishing a healthy balance between love and work necessitates forming healthy boundaries.

Individuals should communicate with their partner about the boundaries needed, such as an extra hour of sleep or staying late for a meeting. This way, they would be able to pursue their career without feeling guilty that they are leaving their partner in the dark.

Couples can also set boundaries together, possibly saying that they do not want to use their phones during dinner or in bed.

6) Show you truly love your partner

At the heart of it, love is truly what sums up a healthy relationship.

Showing love could be as simple as a genuine compliment or as significant as taking a few days off to reconnect or travel together. Individuals can try to tell their partners they love them and ensure they feel seen.

Should the couple work opposite hours from one another, then it could be effective for them to get creative and introduce small love letters together with their lunch, and to also make the most of their weekends.


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