Pauline Micallef and Omar Zerafa / LinkedIn

The Duke of Edinburgh Study Conference, an event aimed at providing business leaders from all over the world with new experiences to improve the quality and relevance of their decision-making, is well underway in Banff, Canada.

The conference sees 300 of the world’s “most promising emerging leaders” from business, Government, labour and the community sector take part. Zerafa Advocates Founder Omar Zerafa and MaritimeMT CEO Pauline Micallef are the two leaders that have been chosen to represent Malta in the event.

The event commenced on 3rd June and will run until 18th June, with the goal of building leadership capacity across the Commonwealth.

Both Dr Zerafa and Ms Micallef have shared their experiences so far at the conference, citing the “rewarding” learning experience that they have enjoyed.

Dr Zerafa remarked on Thursday that when he initially received the invitation to take part, he knew he was “in for an intellectual treat”.

Omar Zerafa / LinkedIn
Zerafa Advocates Founder Omar Zerafa / LinkedIn

“What I did not know was that every single hour would be a learning experience that challenges the way I perceive things. Canada is the classroom for this experience, but for me the teachers are the exceptional leaders I am sharing this experience with,” he said.

“It is only the beginning of a journey in building lifelong relationships,” he added.

Ms Micallef, who last month expressed her excitement at the news of her participation, also highlighted the value of such relationships, taking to social media on Monday following the conclusion of the event’s opening plenary.

“Wow, what an unforgettable three days this has been,” she said, before adding that she has formed “so many connections with inspiring individuals”.

Pauline Micallef / LinkedIn
MaritimeMT CEO Pauline Micallef / LinkedIn

“Getting to know each and every one of you has been an eye opener and I am beyond honoured to be part of this,” Ms Micallef added. She also remarked that it was “very rewarding” to also have the opportunity to meet Princess Anne, who is President of the event.

She said that coming from such a small country like Malta makes it “all the more overwhelming” to meet so many people from across the Commonwealth countries. However, Ms Micallef added that Banff has been “more than great”, particularly with its “stunning views and scenery”, which have “continued to elevate this amazing experience”.

The conference is now in its second stage, which is comprised of study tours until 15th June. During this part of the event, different groups of participants will visit various areas in Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba to further integrate with one another. Afterwards, the closing plenary will take place in the final days of the conference, where the study groups will be required to compile reports of their studies.

Omar Zerafa / LinkedIn
Omar Zerafa (front-right) and Pauline Micallef (back-right) during the event / LinkedIn

The first conference was held in 1956, with Founder Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, insisting that the members should be people who” appeared likely to be next generations of leaders so that when the time came for them to take important decisions, they would have the benefit of what they had discovered at the study conference to help them”.

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