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From DJ’ing 14 years ago to becoming the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Buddy, Jonathan Mifsud, on Wednesday reflected on how his perception of making an impact has evolved over the years.

Mr Mifsud shared an image of himself from 2010, and proceeded to express his thoughts on the changes he experienced over the past 14 years. He stated that the one thing that has remained constant is his willingness and drive to create an impact.

Jonathan Mifsud / LinkedIn

He recalled how back then, he used to help his father in his business, spreading his impact in three ways.

The first was the way he used to help his father carry, set up, and disassemble a mobile disco. “PS; He continues to do this without my assistance anyway,” he cheekily added.

He also remembered how he had to temporarily take over when his father was injured. “My family were never well off, we could only afford dining out for a once-a-year birthday occasion, and I knew my parents made numerous sacrifices. So going on taking this business venture over when my dad was injured, meant I could bring in the extra money keeping our household afloat,” he added.

Additionally, he said that he wanted to create an impact on those attending so that they had a good time. However, he stated, that it wasn’t always easy especially if he had parties whose attendees had different ages. This meant that he had to cater for different genres of music to make sure that he was being inclusive “and allowed everyone to have a night to remember”.

Different life circumstances led to his DJ’ing career to not last beyond that summer he was referring to. But now, looking back, impact has a different meaning and has now become more aspirational.

“It is improving the lives of people with whom we work. So, if for some reason you work with us and your life has not improved even just a little bit from before, then I’m sorry I have failed you,” he expressed.

He stated that nowadays he makes an effort to give opportunities to young people. “Not just those working for my teams. But also, through our products empowering others to sell services that are based on systems that we built. That impact must be helping to pay hundreds of team members across,” he commented.

Beyond that, he further explained that as part of his contribution towards making a better impact, he is highlighting and clarifying various elements of employee rights on his TikTok account.

Towards the end of his post, he said that now that another year has just started, his goal is to create more impact.

“Whenever it’s time to leave this world behind, I want to be certain that I’ve left it in a better place,” concluded Mr Mifsud.

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Buddy Co-Founder and CTO Jonathan Mifsud / LinkedIn

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