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Summit HR Founder Fanina Sciberras on Friday shed light on how constantly chasing perfection can lead to struggles that impede the path to progress.

“In today’s fast-paced world, the pursuit of perfection can often hinder progress and innovation,” she explained.

Fanina Sciberras / LinkedIn
Summit HR Founder Fanina Sciberras / LinkedIn

She remarked that instead, one must embrace a culture of “continuous improvement” that allows people to “iterate, learn, and grow along the way”. “By taking small steps forward and consistently refining our work, we can achieve remarkable results faster,” Ms Sciberras added.

“Perfection is often elusive, leading to endless delays and missed opportunities,” she said, before adding that on the other hand, continuous improvement empowers people to “adapt to changing circumstances, incorporate feedback and respond to market demands promptly”.

Ms Sciberras continued by adding that working towards improvement also “fosters agility, resilience, and a mindset of constant learning”.

“Embrace the journey of improvement, embrace change, and watch your success soar,” she concluded.

Ms Sciberras is a Human Resources (HR) Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the area, specialising in the implementation and execution of HR projects and workplace transformation. She has provided HR services and ongoing advice to SMEs and the public sector, with clients spread across the globe. Her career includes prior experiences in senior HR positions at Corinthia Hotels Limited, Airmalta Aviation Services Ltd, AX Group and OZO Group, among other companies.

She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and Services from Universidad Internacional de Valencia, a Professional Masters in Human Resources Management from Rome Business School, as well as a Bachelor of Psychology from University of Malta. She also has a Diploma in Advanced Employment Law from Central Mediterranean Business School, with a focus on human resources management and services.


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