LuginsLand of Art / Brian Grech

On 31st May, LuginsLand of Art in Rabat hosted the final event before it closes its doors for the next phase of its restoration process.

It invited the audience for the last educational panel, the closing event of the “Space and Time” exhibition, “Art and Legacy.” Visitors had the opportunity to take part in a curatorial exhibition tour followed by a talk on the significance of artistic legacy and its preservation in shaping collective memory.

LuginsLand of Art / Brian Grech
“Space and Time” exhibition / Brian Grech

The event was facilitated by LuginsLand of Art Cultural Manager Maria Galea.

Raffaella Zammit, Director of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, started the panel by sharing insights on preserving the legacy of the artist and her father Gabriel Caruana. She also pointed out the foundation’s initiatives and their impact on the local community, as well as future plans and goals following her father’s artistic vision.

Austin Camilleri, an artist, explained how his piece exhibited at the “Space and Time” exhibition talks about the impact of art and architecture on Malta’s history and identity.

He discussed the role of the public in preserving historical narratives, and he shared his personal experience of contributing to the legacy of Maltese art.

Maria Galea, Gaston Camilleri, Joanna Popiół / Brian Grech
From left: LuginsLand of Art Cultural Manager Maria Galea, LuginsLand of Art Director Joanna Popiół, and Artist Gaston Camilleri / Brian Grech

The session was continued by Gaston Camilleri, leading Architect at Villa Luginsland, who talked about his approach in the restoration process of the villa and the significance of its artistic heritage. He also mentioned challenges encountered during the process and the role of architects in preserving cultural sites.

LuginsLand of Art Director Joanna Popiół concluded the panel by sharing insight into managing such an extensive project.

Joanna Popiół / Brian Grech
LuginsLand of Art Director Joanna Popiół / Brian Grech

She pointed out the aim of continuing the legacy of the Founder of the villa, Baron von Tucher, to create a space of inspiration filled with art, history and architecture. In the end, she also revealed future plans for the villa, which include designating part of the building for a cultural hub.

Attendees could also experience a live demonstration of metal and stone works by AX Gorup and the final presentation of site-specific sculpture by Maltese artist Antoine Farrugia.

Ms Popiół remarked: “It’s been a long journey. We have been working very hard and it has been great to receive such positive feedback from the local community.”

“We are very grateful to all the visitors who came to see the villa and took part in our educational programme. We hope everyone enjoyed this experience and learnt something new,” she continued.

She added that there is a lot of work ahead for the team, but they believe that “with passion and commitment,” the goals will be achieved, and LuginsLand of Art will open its doors again “to share new artistic experiences.”

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Educational programme at LuginsLand of Art / Brian Grech


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