Cenk Kahraman

Cenk Kahraman is CEO at Finance Incorporated Ltd, which provides a full range of financial services and infrastructure solutions aimed at corporate, individual and institutional clients. He is an ex-banker with 20+ years of experience, and has amassed international banking experience, especially in payments and treasury products.

What are the main advantages Malta brings to the table for prospective investors?

The favourable tax system, various tax planning solutions, nonbureaucratic processes, and reduced red tape to start a business; all these contribute to making Malta a business-friendly environment for foreign investors. Moreover, Malta’s location makes it a desirable EU country for investors, allowing efficient international business trade activities and attracting diverse cultures from various regions.

What about the challenges? Do you think there are areas that could pose a hurdle to investment?

As a small island with limited land and natural resources, it is perhaps no surprise that one of Malta’s challenges is its dependence on imports, which can greatly impact economic health. Another challenge is the shortage of human resources, which is crucial for business continuity, operations and growth.

As an expat business leader, what is the overall sentiment of foreign investors who have chosen Malta for the relocation of their business concern, in your experience?

From a services industry perspective, having the capability to provide service to Malta and Europe as a whole is a very strong motivator for business leaders; coupled with Malta’s friendly state institutions and tax incentives, it creates the right formula for business leaders.

Overall, do you think Malta is offering the right infrastructure and incentives to potential foreign investors?

Yes, Malta is offering attractive and favourable infrastructure, incentives and benefits to foreign investors. However, there is a need to invest more in the nomad employee framework in order to attract the right talent and bring more skilled workers to Malta.

What advice would you offer, based on your experience, to prospective investors?

Resource planning, especially when it comes to human resources, is key. Ensure you have the right HR team who understands your company’s needs and culture in order to source the right talent to fit your company.

This feature was first carried in the Malta Invest 2024 edition. Malta Invest is the first-ever comprehensive international investment guide focusing on Malta as a destination. It is produced by Content House Group.

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