Rudolph Mifsud Saydon / 1923

Rudolph Mifsud Saydon shall be resigning from his positions as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at 1923 Investments plc and Harvest Technology plc, the two companies announced on Tuesday (today).

In separate announcements, both 1923 Investments and Harvest Technology stated that his resignation will come into effect on 31st July 2024.

He will also be resigning from his role as Director of APCO Ltd, APCOPAY Ltd, PTL Ltd, and Ipsyon Ltd, all subsidiaries of Harvest Technology. 1923 Investments is the majority shareholder of Harvest Technology.

The two companies stated that they will start the search and selection process for a suitable replacement immediately, with further information to be brought to the attention of the public “as soon as this is available.”

Mr Mifsud Saydon has a long history at the two companies, during which time he has shifted between a number of different positions.

He initially joined Harvest Technology as CFO back in 2016, and also became Director at APCO Ltd, APCO Systems Ltd, and PTL Ltd. Just a year and a half later, he was appointed CEO of Harvest Technology.

Mr Mifsud Saydon served in the position between 2017 and 2018, before he was then named CFO at 1923 Investments.

Last February, he was once again appointed CFO at Harvest Technology, together with Director of the aforementioned subsidiaries, all while retaining his position as CFO at 1923 Investments.

Aside from his experiences at the two companies, Mr Mifsud Saydon also served as Director for over 16 years at EY Malta, and also had stints as Director at STS Marine Solutions, Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd, and Hili Logistics Ltd.

1923 Investments is a public company with a majority shareholding held by Hili Ventures, and is primarily tasked with acting as an investment company and service provider to its subsidiary undertakings. These include iSpot Poland Sp. z o.o, iCentre Hungary, Harvest Technology, PTL Ltd, and APCO Ltd, among others.

Harvest Technology is a highly diversified group of technology-based companies that deliver systems and software engineering, security solutions and services, e-commerce platforms, electronic payments solutions, and a number of other services.

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Outgoing 1923 Investments and Harvest Technology CFO Rudolph Mifsud Saydon / 1923 Investments


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