Kate Puteiko

BGaming, an online casino games provider, may be a relatively young player in the iGaming sector, having been established in 2018, but the combined experience of its solid team has made it one of Europe’s fastest-growing players in the field. Indeed, the crew at BGaming, with their over two decades of know-how, understand how to develop and launch innovative products, and the company has, in a short time, earnt a stellar reputation for its imaginative and engrossing games, which have garnered a wide, loyal following.

“Initially, we were creating gambling games, helping a third party provide its online casino operators with turnkey solutions helping it to differentiate itself from market competitors,” Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Puteiko, recalls of the company’s early days, before the BGaming brand was born, and when the operations were still servicing the online gaming software provider, SOFTWISS.

“However, after researching and analyzing the iGaming industry, we figured out that good games were in high demand among players, and this realisation pushed us to form BGaming,” she explains. Elaborating, she asserts that what was once an “ordinary game development department became a separate company with a core team boasting a wealth of expertise in the online gaming industry as well as a robust background in all market perspectives. And, since our inception, we have been dedicated to developing innovative and immersive gaming experiences.”

Since 2018, the brand has evolved in myriad ways. “Our team has been growing steadily over five years, and now we are a standalone business with more than 120 employees who put their hearts and souls into creating high-quality gambling games,” she attests. She credits the firm’s success to its staff, saying that “it is definitely our people who are behind this rapid rise of the company. We are a highly skilled team who scrupulously pays attention to detail at every development stage, be it game design or sound composition, while providing online casinos with five-star games that are so loved by players and streamers. For the last month, almost 400 streamers organically broadcasted our content,” Kate revealed.

The sense of appreciation Kate expresses in regards to the team has not gone unnoticed for, over the years, BGaming has “also managed to retain nearly 99 per cent of our initial game development team and continued to hire savvy experts in game design, legal compliance, sales, and other spheres to equip our customers with thrilling top-tier content,” Kate says.

The CMO continues to explain that the synergy found within the team has contributed to the firm’s ability to diversity its portfolio to cater to diverse tastes. This has led the company to be commended for its efforts. “Alongside being noticed by players, our content and specialists have been recognised by reputable awards, such as the 5th AskGamblers Awards, the SiGMA Europe Awards, the SBC Awards 2022, and others. Our employees have also become judges in prestigious awards and already visit large-scale industry events like ICE London; this speaks to the increased level of expertise within the company,” she attests.

These successes has allowed the company to expand their influence across territories. “Intending to deliver the best gaming experience possible worldwide, we already operate in most regulated markets and are actively carving out our niches, obtaining licenses, and certifying our games in new countries” Kate confirms. Indeed, the firm also plans to expand into Latin America, Africa, and Asia, over the next two years, a move which will enrich the firm’s product lineup with new regional preferences, such as scratch games, planned to be introduced.

BGaming also distinguishes itself from its competitors by prioritising the customer, Kate attests. The firm does this through the synergy of its business and technical account managers, who work together with a proprietary support department. “Our customer service teams understand clients’ pain points and needs inside out and offer the most effective solutions,” she continues.

To this end, the firm is developing a new client area. This will be “a multipurpose space for clients with detailed information about our games and these games’ performance in different markets. We do our best to provide our customers with an advanced tool to make data-driven decisions, review a library of promo materials and available campaigns, and, most importantly, change game settings (including bet levels, and currencies) to fit each games’ audience’s needs and playing patterns,” Kate explains.

BGaming ensures its offerings are adaptable. “We understand how challenging it may be to find a reliable game provider, so our business offerings are flexible. As we consider our customers’ success as our own and value their satisfaction above all else, our new clients get a free trial period. It helps cement a good relationship, allows them to check the quality of our games, and to see which content resonates most with the target audience,” she continues, adding that “for our top-performing clients, we also put forward customized or branded games as added value, making it a profitable partnership for all involved.”

These customizations – introduced under the nomenclature, Brand Exclusives – also allows for games to be custom-made for casino operators on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration individual player preferences. These involve “unique graphics, titles, and branding that create a sense of exclusivity, enlarge player retention, and increase Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR),” she outlines. These customized products perform better than the basic versions of their games, Kate attests.

“Many prominent market players, including Stake, Blaze, Bitstarz, N1 Partners, BC.Game, and Pin-up, have already taken advantage of this service, and requests for such games are recurring. This is particularly relevant for operators working with streamers. Thus, online casinos can differentiate themselves in a crowded market, enhancing their reputation and building trust with their players,” the CMO asserts.

Looking ahead, one of BGaming’s goals is to “become the most social and player-driven game provider” on the market. And, the company has various strategies on how to achieve this. “One of the most crucial plans here is investing in the players and in the streamers of the iGaming community, uniting like-minded people.” This contributes to the building of communities of responsible players, which directly benefits the company and other stakeholders in the field. 

“We want everyone who plays our games to play them for fun and entertainment’s sake, enjoying the excitement and joy that represents gambling at its best. With that in mind, we partner only with like-minded streamers promoting the same idea-en-masse and helping to reduce the negative stigma surrounding the industry.”

To consolidate this approach, the BGaming team additionally “participates in organizing thrilling tournaments, challenges, and quests for streamers and their fans to build a community for sharing ideas, fostering a player-driven approach to game development, and stimulating a positive gambling culture,” Kate outlines.

Moreover, “maintaining direct communication with players, the firm collects feedback and incorporates it into game development. Our team has already introduced feedback loops to get players’ opinions on gameplay, graphics, sound, and other aspects of our solutions. This will enable us to continuously improve our games and ensure that they trigger unforgettable emotions,” Kate explains, adding that the firm’s production department includes third-party industry experts who also provide valuable insight to the firm. 

By the end of 2023, Kate hopes that “all current activities and initiatives will confirm our aspiration to become the market’s most social and player-driven iGaming provider. Continuously interacting with streamers and improving online casino content, we set an objective to reach the top five providers by streaming volume, which would indicate our success in attracting and retaining users,” she says

Elaborating on the products lined-up over the next few months, Kate states that they’re planning on launching a series of marketing tools, including drops, jackpots, tournaments, and challenges, “while providing added value to online casino operators. In terms of game development, our production team plans to fully update our gaming UI to improve the user experience and make it more personalized. This will include individual lobbies, big win replays, achievements, and others to establish more tailored and enjoyable amusement.”

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