Justin Paul Anastasi / Copyright Angela 'Giola' Cassar

At a time when dynamic leadership is key to navigating the ever-evolving business landscape, Justin Anastasi, CEO of VentureMax Group, stands out not only for his professional journey, but also for his continuous pursuit of personal growth.

MaltaCEOs.mt had the opportunity to sit down with Mr Anastasi to capture his reflective insights and foresight as part of our end-of-year interview series. A notable aspect of this conversation was his candid admission about his quest to enhance a crucial leadership trait: patience.

Openly acknowledging that while patience might not be his “strongest attribute,” it is an essential component for effective leadership and the cornerstone for future success. This self-awareness and commitment to improvement provided an immediate flavour for his leadership style, one that is grounded in personal evolution, logic, and the search for professional excellence.

During a discussion about his career, he highlighted his trajectory, stemming from his versatility and expertise across various domains. Aside from his previous iGaming roles and as CEO of VentureMax Group, Mr Anastasi’s journey was marked by significant achievements in the world of human resources (HR) and entrepreneurship. His tenure began in late 2023, following his departure from We Consult You Ltd, a company he not only founded but also led for several years.

2023 was not just a time of change but it was also a period of profound transformation and growth, both for him and the enterprise he leads. He described this phase as a “transformative period marked by intense challenges and significant achievements.” Mr Anastasi said that his experiences during this time mirrored the evolution of his businesses, highlighting the synergy between personal development and corporate progress. Something he feels key to success is “the ability to grow alongside your team and business,” as “adapting and evolving in response to emerging challenges and opportunities will take you places.”

Justin Paul Anastasi / Copyright Angela 'Giola' Cassar
VentureMax CEO Justin Paul Anastasi / Photo by Angela ‘Giola’ Cassar

However, he added that this journey of transformation was not solitary. Mr Anastasi credits the adaptability and success of his team in navigating the increased demands and opportunities that came their way. To him, the growth of the business is inseparable from the personal and professional development of the team, thus reinforcing his idea that “success is a shared journey, not a solo endeavour.”

Peering into the horizon of 2024, he envisions a year “brimming with consolidation and innovation,” particularly in the iGaming sector.

“This shift, I believe, will create unique opportunities for innovative start-ups to tackle long-standing challenges and emerge as industry disruptors,” Mr Anastasi asserted, highlighting his expectation of a surge in innovation and new leaders in this dynamic arena.

In 2024, Mr Anastasi’s focus is clear: that of cultivating patience. Recognising that patience is not his strongest suit, he has nonetheless identified it as a key factor in his recent achievements, both personally and professionally.

“Therefore, cultivating that even more, is now a priority, and I think it will be crucial for continued and sustained success and leadership,” he remarked.

Amidst this dynamic professional life, Mr Anastasi said that he maintains a daily routine that is both “adaptable” and “effective.” He acknowledged that while his routine is “frequently changing,” it aligns seamlessly with the demands of his bustling lifestyle and business commitments.

This flexibility is not just a necessity but a strategic choice that supports his professional and personal objectives. “And let’s face it, it changes enough already as is!” Mr Anastasi commented with a knowing smile.

Upon being asked where he sees himself in a year’s time and then looking forward, he envisions himself not just at the helm of a “top-tier iGaming group,” but also in a state of continual learning and growth. This vision is not confined to business success alone, as Mr Anastasi is equally passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the sector and the community at large.

“Beyond success in business alone, I look forward to contributing more to the sector, but also the community, leveraging our success to make an impact,” he stated.

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VentureMax CEO Justin Paul Anastasi / Photo by Angela 'Giola' Cassar

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