Opex Ltd CEO Charlene Sciberras

Opex Ltd CEO Charlene Sciberras has stated that her journey to becoming a C-level executive has enabled her to shift her approach to leadership and refine her abilities.

Ms Sciberras was promoted to CEO at iGaming solutions provider Opex Ltd last March, having previously held the positions of Head of Operations and Head of Human Resources (HR) and Office Admin at the same company. She feels that this rapid climb up the corporate ladder resulted in 2023 being a truly “transformative” year for her, proving to be filled with “self-discovery and rediscovery.”

Her comments came during an interview with MaltaCEOs.mt for our end-of-year series, where she acknowledged that striking a balance between her newfound professional commitments and personal life is one of her proudest accomplishments.

She started off by stating that her 2023 would be best described as a combination of “challenging, transformative, and rewarding.”

Ms Sciberras said that the past year presented numerous hurdles and obstacles that required “resilience and adaptability,” since these challenges “pushed boundaries, tested limits, and needed innovative solutions.” Overcoming these challenges enabled her to learn “invaluable lessons and opportunities for growth,” both from a professional and personal perspective.

Additionally, following her promotion to CEO, she had new and expanded responsibilities at Opex Ltd, a change that she described as “one of the most pivotal and transformative experiences” from the past year.

“It reshaped my approach to leadership, honed my abilities, and solidified my commitment to steering the organisation towards success. Overall, this experience was pivotal in transforming both my career path and personal development,” she continued.

Ms Sciberras noted that the journey was “immensely fulfilling”, providing her with an opportunity for “self-discovery and rediscovery,” as she learnt to step outside her comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

“Amidst the trials and triumphs, I found moments that resonated deeply, reigniting passions and redefining my sense of purpose. This journey of exploration and growth served as a pathway to rediscovering aspects of myself that had been dormant or overlooked,” Ms Sciberras continued. She added that the rewards stemming from her career progress are not just about external achievements, but about uncovering and nurturing her inner strengths, values, and aspirations.

In this respect, she is also proud of the fact that she managed to strike a balance between her professional commitments as a CEO and her role as a parent.

“Balancing the responsibilities of running a company and being present for my child during his milestones, school events, and providing him with a nurturing environment has been immensely rewarding,” she explained. However, she said that it was not a simple task, as it required “meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and efficient time management.”

“Being able to excel in both realms, achieving professional milestones and fostering a supportive environment for my child stands as a testament to my resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to both my career and family. It’s a personal accomplishment that I hold dear, demonstrating that with dedication and focus, it’s possible to succeed in various aspects of life,” Ms Sciberras pointed out.

However, she does not attribute striking this balance as solely her own accomplishment, as she also received a significant amount of support from her family and colleagues.

“As a single working mother, my family’s support has been invaluable in balancing professional commitments with the responsibilities of parenthood,” she remarked. Ms Sciberras added that Opex Ltd’s team’s dedication was also “invaluable,” as their “resilience, commitment, and collaborative spirit” were pivotal in guiding the organisation through uncertain times.

Ms Sciberras is also grateful for remaining determined and refusing to give up during tough times. “The ability to persevere in the face of challenges has not only strengthened my resolve, but also inspired those around me,” she explained.

As we step into 2024, Ms Sciberras said that the new year will act as a continuation of “fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability” at Opex Ltd.

“It will require harnessing the strengths of our team and leveraging their expertise to navigate new terrains. Additionally, staying agile and responsive to market shifts will be pivotal in mitigating risks and capitalising on emerging opportunities,” she emphasised. Ms Sciberras acknowledged that as Opex Ltd expands its business and diversifies its offerings, there will be a number of promising opportunities and challenges that come up.

“Simultaneously, with growth come challenges. Scaling our business and diversifying our offerings will demand meticulous planning, resource allocation, and effective risk management,” she affirmed.

In order to navigate the complexities of entering new markets, industries, and introducing new services, a business needs to have a sense of adaptability and a keen understanding of client needs and market dynamics. She added that maintaining operational efficiency while pursuing growth initiatives will be “crucial” in sustaining a competitive edge.

“In essence, 2024 presents exciting opportunities for expansion and diversification through new projects. However, it also necessitates a strategic approach and resilience to overcome the challenges associated with growth, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry advancements and sustainable development,” Ms Sciberras said.

When asked whether there are any particular skills that she would like to develop over the next 12 months, Ms Sciberras stated that she wants to enhance her ability to “cultivate and champion” a culture of innovation within the organisation.

“Encouraging creativity, fostering an environment that values experimentation, and instilling a continuous improvement mindset are pivotal aspects of effective leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape,” she continued. Thus, she added that she wants to drive initiatives that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, risk-taking, and embrace change as a “catalyst for growth.”

Ms Sciberras said that she recognises the importance of innovation as a “driving force behind success,” and therefore is dedicated to further honing her leadership skills to “inspire and guide” Opex Ltd’s teams towards being innovative and pushing boundaries.

Away from the workplace, she wants to dedicate more time and attention to fostering a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more regular exercise and wellness practices.

“I plan to carve out specific time slots within my day dedicated solely to physical activity, whether it’s a morning workout routine, midday walks, or evening exercises. By incorporating these changes, I believe I can enhance my overall health and energy levels, allowing me to approach each day with renewed vigour and focus,” Ms Scibberas remarked.

In a year’s time, she envisions further growth to Opex Ltd, driven by “innovative strategies and a resilient team.” At the same time, she anticipates personal growth in various areas.

As a leader she wants to hone her skills further and to nurture a collaborative environment, while on a personal level, she wants to enhance her role as a parent, daughter, and friend.

“I plan to devote more quality time to my family, actively participating in my child’s growth, and creating memorable experiences. Additionally, strengthening my bond with my parents and friends is essential. I aspire to be more present in their lives, offering support and care while nurturing these important relationships,” she added.

Ms Sciberras said that striking this balance between professional achievements and personal fulfilment is a “key goal” for her in 2024, and by evolving in her various roles, she will not only contribute to the company’s vision, but also enrich her life on a “deeper, more fulfilling level.”

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Opex Ltd CEO Charlene Sciberras

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