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Ana Rubio, CEO and Founder of Malta-based start-up datalitiks, on Thursday highlighted that the start-up journey can be tough, yet it is also very “rewarding” through the wide array of lessons learnt.

Fresh from attending Startup Festival Malta 2023 last week, an event she described as “the best on the island for any start-up”, she was surprised by how different her experience was from that of last year’s edition.

“A year ago, I was a baby Founder with a half-baked business plan and a half-baked prototype, barely connected to the start-up world. Last week, I was back, with a clear value proposition, with a great team, and surrounded by a bunch of passionate people in the start-up ecosystem that I have met during this crazy first year,” Ms Rubio said.

Nadia Pace and Ana Rubio / LinkedIn
Executive Mentor Nadia Pace (left) and datalitiks Founder and CEO Ana Rubio (right) at Startup Festival Malta 2023 / LinkedIn

This year, she even had the opportunity to pitch on the main stage, not winning a prize but “gaining something more valuable”, the chance to share her story as datalitiks Founder.

“During this journey, I’ve entered various pitch competitions, each a learning curve from 15-minute slide-heavy presentations to snappy three-minute talks. My nerves once shook me, but now I embrace it,” she remarked.

Ms Rubio stressed that pitching is a “crucial part of the start-up journey”, as it offers the business leader and their respective company exposure, as well as “continuous learning”. “Feedback refines your idea, business model, and presentation skills, teaching you how to connect better with the audience,” she continued.

She also noted that by participating in different competitions, one will also benefit from being paired with a mentor who provides “valuable guidance, support, and accountability”, helping them see their business differently and identify areas for improvement. Ms Rubio expressed gratitude towards the mentors who helped her on her journey, motivating her to remain focused on her goals.

“The start-up journey is tough but rewarding. Learn from every experience, surround yourself with the right people, and make the most of each opportunity,” she stated.

She also shared an image with Nadia Pace at this year’s event, as she was her first mentor in her first competition, and over the past year she has been “polishing and inspiring” Ms Rubio along the way.

In August 2022, Ms Rubio founded datalitiks, a company that measures and drives ESG impact for clients, resulting in “sustainable solutions for a better future”. She manages a team of data experts, delivering data-driven insights for clients and driving positive change through data analytics.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Intelligence from University of Barcelona and also has multiple certifications from Microsoft.

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datalitiks Founder and CEO Ana Rubio / LinkedIn


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