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The Concept Stadium CEO and Executive Director Jonathan Dalli has called upon educational institutions to focus on guiding tomorrow business leaders on the right track, providing the necessary skills to develop their careers.

He was speaking after The Concept Stadium and PwC Malta entered into an agreement with University of Malta’s (UM) Faculty of Economics, Marketing and Accountancy (FEMA) with the aim of strengthening higher education programmes that focus on business leadership. The signing ceremony was hosted by UM Rector Alfred J. Vella at the Council Room within the Msida Campus.

Discussions about organisation and business leadership come against the backdrop of the year-on-year increase of registration of new business units. Data from the National Statistics Office (NSO) in 2022 revealed that registered business units increased by 1.2 per cent when compared to the previous year. 56.3 per cent of the registered business units in 2022 were sole owners, while 39.8 per cent were limited liability companies.

Mr Dalli remarked that The Concept Stadium enjoys working closely with UM while also having a role in “adapting courses to the requirements of the labour market and developing a joint understanding of quality and relevance in higher education.”

He stated that this is done so that it facilitates that establishment of “great, effective business leadership.”

“Competitiveness is stronger than ever, and focusing on moulding tomorrow’s leaders allows them to learn the skills most appropriate for their own prospective career track,” Mr Dalli added.

UM agreement
From left: PwC Malta Marketing Manager Maurizio Cortis, PwC Malta HR Manager Vicky Soler, FEMA Higher Diploma in Organisation and Business Leadership Course Coordinator Antoniette Rosiello, PwC Malta Partner Lisa Pullicino, UM Rector Alfred J. Vella, The Concept Stadium CEO and Executive Director Jonathan Dalli, FEMA Dean Emanuel Said, FEMA Head of Department of Marketing Franco Curmi, and The Concept Stadium Chief Brand Officer Lorraine Borg / UM

“In essence, this collaboration is a synergistic relationship where FEMA students benefit from industry insights, and PwC Malta and The Concept Stadium benefit from a prospective talent pool,” FEMA Coordinator of the Higher Diploma in Business and Leadership Antonietta Rosiello said.

“This dynamic interaction fosters a mutually advantageous partnership that aligns education goals with professional development opportunities. Furthermore, effective leaders are essential in the survival of the increasing number of organisations, and they are able to embrace the growing diversity of management and workforce in all its facets,” she continued.

The two companies, one operating in the financial sector, and the other in the market sector, will, through their respective expertise, aim to give continuous feedback throughout the running of the study programme, participate in Faculty Board meetings, and crucially, provide students with opportunities such as support with research projects and internships.

Emanuel Said, FEMA Dean, said: “Elevating the skills of the local talent pool in order to secure a better equipped workforce is also a way of improving the quality and practical relevance of such study programmes.”

Prof. Vella remarked that forming “strong collaborations” with industry stakeholders ensures that UM’s programmes “fully address the challenges the business world is facing.”

“While I reiterate that it is our duty as a university to be civic, I am confident we can collectively ensure that our students are ready to evolve into industry professionals,” he added.

Additionally, PwC Malta Partner Lisa Pullicino noted that the firm “believes in the importance of consistently investing in the student population,” believing that they are the individuals to drive society forward.

“Through this collaboration, we will continue supporting the student population while sustaining the evolution and development of their curriculum,” she affirmed.

“Collaborations such as this one allows PwC Malta to further contribute in the cohesive development of individuals with the scope of developing in them a critical mindset and a problem-solving attitude, as well as equip them with the capability of addressing the breadth and complexity of the evolving challenges of businesses and society,” she explained.

The Higher Diploma in Organisation and Business Leadership was created following the integration of the Higher Diploma in Administration and Management and the Higher Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management.

Through this integration, resources from both the Business Enterprise Management Department and the Marketing Department are utilised, thus creating what UM described as a “more cohesive and robust curriculum.” By leveraging the strengths of the previous diplomas, the current programme is designed to offer a more effective course of study, with the primary objective being to provide applicants with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with a diverse array of theories and established practices relevant to contemporary organisations.

The duration of the course has been condensed from three years to two, and features a blend of on-campus sessions and partial online lectures. It also allows students to have a smooth transition into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. The next intake is in September 2024, and interested candidates can apply here.


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