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Seed Partner Nicky Gouder on Monday highlighted how business leaders need to give their teams freedom on “where and when” they can work in order to allow for increased productivity.

His reflections came after news over recent months that a number of global companies like Google, Tesla, and Apple, among many others, are enticing workers back to the office through various incentives. Aside from monetary incentives, companies have also introduced the option of providing free food at the workplace, incorporating the right workplace technology to assist workers, as well as various other perks.

Mr Gouder, who is also Director at Binderr, noted that such incentives are signs that “significant investments have been made to understand employee productivity”.

However, he remarked that “life isn’t just about productivity”, but about finding “peace of mind, balance, and freedom”.

“True freedom lies in eliminating constraints on where and when team members work. By embracing remote work and allowing flexibility, we enable individuals to achieve a sense of freedom, empowering them to find the optimal work-life integration,” he added.

Mr Gouder also touched on the impact that work has on employees’ mental health, stating that a putting a holistic wellbeing as the priority, while supporting remote work, will foster “happier, healthier employees who are more likely to drive innovation and success”.

“Let’s move beyond productivity and embrace a workplace culture that values wellbeing. Together, we can create an environment where individuals thrive and organisations flourish,” he concluded.

Mr Gouder has served as Partner at advisory firm Seed for more than three years and Director at Binderr for over a year. Aside from his role at Seed and Binderr, he is also a Member at the Investment Migration Council. He specialises in international taxation, with a focus on Malta’s tax legislation, and possess a wide range of experience in handling an extensive portfolio of local and international clients operating in various industries.

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Nicky Gouder / LinkedIn


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