Picture it: You are new to the company, still getting to know your colleagues and you are randomly assigned your boss to be his ‘Secret Santa’ for the year. Although its not the end of the world, it is particularly tedious trying to find the perfect gift for the boss: not too quirky, not too formal, not too cheap.

On the other hand, you may be part of your company’s social committee, and are mulling over what to gift your directors as part of their annual holiday present. In this scenario, money is pooled from the various departments, and you may be feeling the pressure to come up with a unique and useful gift that will be appreciated and remembered by your bosses.

Ultimately, with some help from the internet, there are many options, and while it is natural to feel overwhelmed, fear not, because here is the ultimate gift guide for Malta’s CEOs from MaltaCEOs.mt.

For the technology buff:

Not everyone will enjoy the occasional night cap, and so, being able to recognise what interests and what benefits your gift receiver is important. In this case, if you and your boss spend long hours behind a desk then these are definitely good options.

  • Smart and reusable notebook

Saving paper is good for the environment and cuts down on company costs, so essentially this is a great example of a gift that keeps on giving.

Normally, smart notebooks range on the expensive side. Whatever your budget and whatever your situation, there are cheaper alternatives, such as the Rocket Book, and even though it does not have the technological features as other smart notebooks like a Kindle Scribe, notes can be scrubbed off the pages. Additionally, in case one does not want to permanently scrub off the notes, these can be scanned and transferred to different apps such as Google Drive.

  • Mug warmer

If your boss is always on the go, warm cups of coffee and tea are often easily forgotten, and so a mug warmer may hit the mark for those who love a warm drink. A more high-end alternative to this gift would be a temperature controlled mug that gives the person receiving the gift the ability to choose the temperature of their liking, maintaining it for a long time.

  •  Portable fan or mini heater

This does not need much of an explanation. Malta experiences either extremely cold or hot weather. However, not everyone is built the same and some might feel the need to be cooler or cosier than what their office air conditioner may offer.

deskboard _buddy / Instagram
  • Deskboard Buddy

In a busy office, losing a stick note is easy and so having a deskboard buddy may help to write quick reminders or to jot down ideas in a ‘light bulb situation.’ A deskboard buddy is a compact whiteboard accessory that can be used between a desktop computer and a keyboard whilst serving as a phone holder with storage for miscellaneous items in it.

  • Digital frame

Digital frames can range from €50 to a €100, so it is more ideal for a group gift rather than a secret Santa gift. However, this could be a good gift for individuals who are sentimental and are indecisive about what picture to frame, as this has the ability to change images.

  • Electric lunch box

This gift is definitely quirkier than others but can be quite useful to those whose office is far from the kitchen or they may always be rushing from meeting to meeting, and need to reheat their food in the car. Alternatively, like many other gifts in this tech-list, it is ideal for those who are always busy and need to keep their food warm if they do not have the time to stop for break, but still need some fuel.

Food and alcohol: Staples loved by the majority

  • Globe decanter

Buying a bottle of whiskey can be boring and predictable for those who love a drink or two. Go the extra mile and buy a creative decanter. Globe decanters can be found within smaller or larger budgets, while also serving as a decorative piece for the office or the living room.

  • Glass ware

A glassware set can be an appropriate gift for those who love whiskey and wine. Elevate this set with chilling stones or wine accessories for a more personal touch.

  • A foodie’s dream: a luxurious hamper

If you are still at a loss on what to give your boss, then a hamper is always the go to, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Chocolate truffles, fancy panettone and some wine can make a perfect hamper for your boss to unwind while savouring tasty food and beverages. This hamper can be ideal for any colleague, however depending on the budget and tastes at hand, a hamper can be easily customised with alcoholic beverages, sweets, accessories and even cigars.

Food intolerance can be tricky business, always double check if someone is intolerant to gluten, dairy, nuts or any other ingredients that can be potentially dangerous. Luckily, local businesses have many alternatives to milk, nut, or gluten intolerances so that those who have allergies do not miss on the fun.

  • Tea or coffee connoisseurs

There are many small but interesting gifts that can be given to bosses who love a good cup of tea or coffee. A quality French press, coffee grinder or tea infuser can be valued gifts accompanied by a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans or loose tea leaves.

If you want to go the extra mile, ask colleagues to pitch in for a coffee or tea subscription that can be delivered to the offices every month.

The gift for those who are always looking for inspiration:

  • Custom pen

To some people pens are an everyday item which offer nothing special. However, a good, customised pen with one’s name written on it can make for an appreciated and memorable gift. It can also serve as a good hint if your boss is always stealing your pen! Fountain pens with special ink sets are often enjoyed by those who are more traditional and prefer pen and paper for their everyday use.

  • Personalised 2024 diary

What goes hand in hand with a nice luxurious pen? A diary for the upcoming year. Whether used for a personal schedule or for work, a superior diary can be a good gift for those who are busy and love planning.

Local businesses offer opportunities to customise diaries according to needs such as sections for lists, notes, and contacts along with daily, weekly, or monthly sheets for appointments.

  • Motivation, motivation, motivation: A book that inspires them

Many turn to books as sources of entertainment and to unwind after a hectic day. Others see books as sources of knowledge and inspiration, especially when reading about topics that relate to them. There are hundreds of books that can be found online and locally, this also includes:

  • Atomic Habits, by James Clear.

  • The Diary of a CEO, by Steven Bartlett.

  • The Great Economists, Lunda Yueh.

  • 200 Women: Who Will Change the Way You See the World, by Sharon German, Ruth Hobday, and Geoff Blackwell.

  • Becoming, by Michelle Obama.


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