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It’s easy to assume what local business leaders value most in their teams. Decision takers are human after all, and everybody likes working with colleagues who provide a meaningful contribution to the organisation.

But in reality, what are local business leaders really looking for and valuing in their teams? And what are those qualities that are likely to see your career propelled forward?

In a series of quick-fire questions which were first published in MaltaCEOs 2023’s print edition, a number of prominent CEOs and business leaders in the local space shared the different attributes that they value the most in their people.

Christabelle Camilleri / MaltaCEOs
V&C Group CEO Christabelle Camilleri

Qualities such as dedication and honesty were popular among the 50 CEOs that were interviewed, with around a third of respondents, including V&C Group CEO Christabelle Camilleri and Dhalia Real Estate CEO Alan Grima, highlighting one or both of them.

On the other hand, a fair few pointed towards loyalty to the business as a key quality, with BDO Malta CEO Mark Attard mentioning this alongside the attributes of respect and commitment.

Jonathan De Giovanni / MaltaCEOs
Promethean CEO and Managing Director Jonathan De Giovanni

Aside from loyalty, Promethean CEO and Managing Director Jonathan De Giovanni also noted that motivation and an “eagerness to learn” are two other attributes that he looks out for in his team.

BELS English Language Schools Owner and CEO Rebecca Bonnici acknowledged that apart from honesty and loyalty, kindness and humility are two other attributes that she values greatly.

Others looked towards the synergy between the different members of the business, establishing teamwork and being able to work with others as the primary quality to take note of.

Kenneth Brincat / MaltaCEOs
Malta Digital Innovation Authority CEO Kenneth Brincat

Malta Digital Innovation Authority CEO Kenneth Brincat explained that he most values those times when employees “support each other” both during moments of success, as well as challenging ones.

Speaking with reference to The Convenience Shop (Holding) plc’s team, CEO Martin Agius remarked that “they are young, enterprising, motivated and eager to grow”, before adding that they “live and breathe the business”.

Healthcare Logistics Ltd CEO Arthur Gerada explained that he looks out for workers that are flexible, empathic, have “skill diversity”, and contribute to the company’s “synergism”. Additionally, he said that he especially appreciates ones that are “always ready to take on new challenges”.


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